Saffron & Rhubarb Chocolates


  • Pink Cocoa Butter - SCR452
  • Yellow Cocoa Butter - SCR457
  • 4 drops of Saffron Spice Drops - SCF1286
  • 2 drops of Rhubarb Flavour Drops - SCF0691
  • 450g Callebaut Crema W2 - SCM288
  • 500g Cacao Barry Origin Milk Chocolate; Papouasie - SCC105B


The countdown to Christmas is well underway! These saffron and rhubarb chocolates perfectly balance sweetness and spices to bring a unique flavour that your customers will love. Perfect for a festive treat!

How to Make Saffron & Rhubarb Chocolates:


For the Shells

For the Ganache

Step 1 - Shells

  1. Ensure that your moulds are clean and dry, so as to not compromise your chocolates
  2. Using a small paintbrush or your thumb, paint a swirl in the moulds, using yellow cocoa butter
  3. Finish decorating the moulds by spraying them with pink cocoa butter
  4. Temper the chocolate and pipe it into the moulds to cast the shells
  5. Empty and scrape the moulds, ensuring to save the excess chocolate - this will be used for capping, later on
  6. Leave the shells inside the moulds to set

Step 2 - Ganache

  1. In a microwave safe bowl, gradually warm the Crema in a microwave.
  2. Mix in the rhubarb and saffron spice drops until a smooth ganache is formed
  3. Transfer into a piping bag and set aside to cool

Assembly and Finishing

  1. Once your shells have set, pipe them with ganache, leaving a 2mm gap for capping
  2. Using the leftover chocolate, cap the chocolates and let to set
  3. Once set, they're ready to turn out!

Enjoyed this recipe? Try swapping the saffron for turmeric and the rhubard for yuzu!

Approximate costs

Makes 48
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