Matcha-Choco Truffle


  • 800g Cream (SCM280P)
  • 200g Butter
  • 1500g White Chocolate Schok Weiss (SCC804)
  • 40g Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (SCF0459)
  • 25g Neutral Alcohol - if longer shelf life required (SCL502P)
  • 200g Dark Chocolate Peru (SCC818) for enrobing
  • 250 Truffle Shells (SCS400)


These fragrant, sweet and eye-catching truffles bring together two surprisingly complementary flavours - matcha green tea and dark chocolate. Both are earthy, bitter and sweet, with health benefits that make these chocolates a guilt-free indulgence! Your competitors will be green with envy...

Recipe by Lubeca 

How to Make Matcha-Choco Truffles:

Approx 250-300 truffles at approx 10g each 

  1. Heat the cream and butter together gently until they just boil 
  2. Add the Schok Weiss white chocolate and stir into a smooth ganache 
  3. Mix the matcha green tea powder with a little cream to form a paste then fold into the ganache 
  4. Once cool pipe into dark chocolate truffle shells (SCS400) and enrobe with Lubeca Dark chocolate 70% Peru (SCC818) and finish. 

If you prefer you could pipe into Milk Chocolate Truffle Shells (SCS401). 

Please Note: The Green Tea should not be heated with the ganache as it may lose colour and taste 

Lubeca on Matcha Green Tea:

Only the very best leaves from the first days of the harvest are used to make Matcha tea. Other green teas are not suitable for making truffles with as they lose colour after production. The Matcha green tea has the most tender leaves, the highest content of active substances and the freshest flavour. The tea leaves are pulverized into a fine powder, which during the Japanese tea ceremony, is brewed with hot water at approximatly 60 °C. This high quality tea is then left with the water and drunk. We recommend Japanese Matcha Green Tea for the production of this product as it imparts an intense green colour and strong flavour to the truffle. 

Enjoyed this recipe? Add a little vanilla extract or coconut flavouring oil next time to give these truffles a slightly sweeter taste, or add Lemon Spice Drops for a citrusy kick!

Approximate costs

2756g approx weight
per Truffle
Please note: All costs are based on current Keylink List prices and up-to-date supermarket prices for non-Keylink products. These are given in good faith. These recipe costs could be lower if you benefit from Keylink discounts.