Around the World - Yuzu & Black Sesame (Japan)


  • 280g Dark Chocolate Luker Huila (SCC953) (70%)
  • 120g KerryMaid Whipping Cream Alternative
  • 140g Dark Chocolate Splitters (SDS865)
  • 4-5 tsp Yuzu Flavour Burst (SCF1268) - to taste
  • 40g Black Sesame Seeds (Toasted)


Yuzu and black sesame, a match made in heaven! These sweet but sharp chocolate truffles are surprisingly delightful, combining the rich, nuttiness of sesame and the complexity of Huila 70% dark chocolate with citrusy yuzu, it's a perfect balancing act.

Perfect with a cup of black tea in your finest china!

How to Make Black Sesame and Yuzu Chocolate Truffles:

Makes 35-40 Hand Rolled Truffles

  1. Toast the sesame seeds lightly in a pan and set aside
  2. Make the ganache by warming the cream and yuzu flavour burst in the microwave. ⠀⠀
  3. Pour over the Luker Huila chocolate buttons and allow to melt.
  4. Stir to make the ganache and then put in the fridge to set (this may take up to 3 hours)
  5. Once set, take out of the fridge, and with a teaspoon take enough ganache to make the required truffle size.
  6. Roll into a circle and coat the truffles in the Chocolate Splitters and sesame seeds 
  7. Place back in the fridge to set further.

Enjoyed this recipe? Add a little extra zing by sprinkling the finished truffles with yuzu powder! Or swap the dark chocolate for a sweet and creamy white chocolate, to counteract the sharpness of the citrus.

Approximate costs

600g Batch
per Truffle
Please note: All costs are based on current Keylink List prices and up-to-date supermarket prices for non-Keylink products. These are given in good faith. These recipe costs could be lower if you benefit from Keylink discounts.