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Patisserie Products

Crème Dell'Artigiano is a delicious glaze which will add a beautiful sheen and the flavour of real chocolate to your cakes, choux pastry and other desserts. Also available in bakestable; these oven resistant, ready to use crèmes are ideal for baking in flans, croissants, brioches, pastries etc.

ChocO'shine™ combines your choice of high quality ingredients with brilliant looks and amazing taste. When you taste ChocO'shine™, you will taste Callebaut chocolate. The ChocO'shine™ recipe is based on 41% chocolate, and not just on cocoa powder like Crème Dell'Artigiano. Its unique composition is based on traditional home-made pastry glazing recipes. It guarantees perfect brilliance and has a balanced sweetness. ChocO'shine™ is designed to save time - just heat and it's ready to apply.

Thanks to Cacao Barry patisserie glazes, your creations will be shinier than ever before. Your desserts iced with Brillance can be kept in the freezer without losing their shine. Its fluid and homogenous texture brings an extraordinary glaze to your recipes and your coated pastries will have no transparency and no formation of air bubbles on the surface. It simply requires heating to 40°c for use on your pastries.

Callebaut Mousse Powders are quick and easy to use in all kinds of desserts. Simply mix 800g of powder with 1 litre of semi-skimmed UHT milk at room temperature, whisk for 5 minutes, place in the fridge for 2 hours and serve.


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Callebaut Crème Dell'Artigiano
SCF0731Creme Dell'Artigiano; Bitter Choc FlavourTub; Min C/S 23%; Fat 35.3%10kg tub2£44.90
SCF0741Creme Dell'Artigiano; White/Creamy FlavourTub; Fat 34.9%10kg tub12£47.09
SCF0751Creme Dell'Artigiano; Plain Hazelnut FlavourTub; Min C/S 14%; Fat 40% (Fondente)10kg tub1£52.22
SCF0753Creme Dell'Artigiano; Light Hazelnut FlavourTub; Min C/S 3.5%; Fat 40% (Nicciola)10kg tub1£52.58
Callebaut ChocO'shine™
SCF0760Chocoshine; Dark & Brilliant Chocolate GlazeMin C/S 41.5%; Ready-to-use6kg tub4£42.31
Callebaut Mousse Powders
SCF0721Callebaut Dark Chocolate Mousse Powder75% Chocolate800g bag59£6.22
SCF0722Callebaut Milk Chocolate Mousse Powder70% Chocolate800g bag23£7.22
SCF0723Callebaut White Chocolate Mousse Powder58.5% Chocolate800g bag30£8.22