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Hazelnut Cremes

These cremes are a combination of chocolate and hazelnuts for fine quality with convenience.

Ready to use - just cut and enrobe or whisk them for an aerated filling with more volume.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCM122Mouselinemasse Smooth Hazelnut Cream;Lt BrownPipeable; 23% Hazels; Nut/Cocoa Taste6.25kg tub3£52.73
SCM124Hazelnut Praline Mass; Light Brown45% Hazels; Cuttable Block; Nutty Sweet Taste6.25kg box1£61.41
SCM204Organic Hazelnut Cream Mass; Pipeable22% Hazels; Sweet Nut Taste6.25kg boxTo Order Only£68.74
SCM151Cuttable Dark Hazelnut Paste42.5% Hazelnuts, 57.5% Dark Chocolate5kg block9£66.23
SCM152Cuttable Light Hazelnut Paste40.5% Hazelnuts, 59.5% White Chocolate5kg block6£62.83
Cacao Barry
SCM613Hazelnut Paste (Praline); Favorites Onctueux50.5% Hazelnuts, 48.5% Sugar; Creamy Texture5kg tubTo Order Only£87.84