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Bakestable Chocolate Inclusions

An essential range of chocolate products, all of which are bakestable, to use as inclusions in bakery or ice cream applications.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCM465Dark Choc Sticks for Croissants; TB-55-8-356Approx 300/Box; 8cm long, C/S 43.9% Fat 24.7%1.6kg box96£6.10
SCM470Dark Chocolate Bakestable Chips; VH-9401Approx 6,500 per kg; C/S 48% Fat 26.7%10kg bag20£48.19
SCM470ADark Chocolate Bakestable Chips; VH-9432Approx 15,500 per kg; C/S 47.6% Fat 26.2%10kg bag13£48.19
SCM471Dark Chocolate Bakestable ChipsApprox 6,500 per kg; C/S 48% Fat 26.8%2.5kg bag7£13.24
SCM472Milk Chocolate Bakestable ChipsApprox 7500 per kg; C/S 29.8%; Fat 26.9%2.5kg bag2£15.65
SCM473White Chocolate Bakestable ChipsApprox 7500 per kg; C/S 20%; M/S 23.6%2.5kg bag41£15.52
SCM515Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chunks10x10x4mm Chunks; C/S 45.4%2.5kg bag6£11.25
SCM516Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chunks10x10x4mm Chunks; C/S 25.8%2.5kg bag9£15.07
SCM517Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks10x10x4mm Chunks; C/S 22.6%2.5kg bag10£14.85
SCM542Dark Chocolate Semi Sweet Chips; VH9466Approx 22000/kg Box; C/S 43.5% Fat 25.2%20kg boxTo Order Only£96.38
Barry Callebaut
SCM481Callebaut Choffies Dark Chocolate ChipsApprox 7500 Pieces per kg;C/S 39.1% Fat 24.5%25kg box2£83.27
SCM531Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chunks8x8x6mm Chunks; C/S 39.1% F 24.5%25kg box6£84.79
SCM540Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chips BakestableApprox 7500/kg; Washington Bits;CS51.3% F 28%25kg box39£88.76
SCM495Callebaut Milk Choc Chips; BakestableApprox 7500 Pieces/kg;C/S 24% MS 23.5% F 23.825kg box4£123.83
SCM498Callebaut Milk Choc Chunks; Belgian chocolate10x10x4mm Chunks; Min C/S 25.8%20kg box-£90.53
SCM499Callebaut Milk Choc Chunks; Belgian chocolate8x8x6mm Chunks; Min C/S 30.6%25kg box6£127.49
SCM510ACallebaut White Choc Chips BakestableApprox 7500 pieces per kg; M/S 23.8% F 26%25kg box4£111.94
SCM532ACallebaut White Chocolate Chunks10x10x6mm Chunks; C/S 21.0% M/S 25.5% F 27.6%20kg box2£93.45