Liquid Chocolate Sauces

What is liquid chocolate? Liquid chocolate is a smooth chocolate-flavoured sauce, made with cocoa powder, milk powder and vegetable fat. It has a semi-liquid consistency that can be poured, scooped or drizzled, and a glossy appearance, with a sweet, chocolatey taste. Our range of delicious liquid chocolate sauces comes from Cocoa King and features milk chocolate sauce, white chocolate sauce, liquid gold caramel sauce, and both milk and white chocolate sauces with hazelnut.  

These chocolate-flavoured sauces are ideal for use in bakery and patisserie, as soft coatings for pastries, biscuits and doughnuts, or swirled or piped into cheesecake and traybakes for an indulgent chocolate ripple or core. They also make incredibly decadent fillings for stuffed cookies! Just be careful not to warm them higher than 50*C (53*C for the caramel sauce) or the sugars may burn. 

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Squeeze Sauce Bottles

341ml/12oz Clear


These squeezy bottles are the perfect solution for creating eye-catching patterns with chocolate sauces! Simply add your...

In-stock: 15

£5.96 Pack of 6

Cocoa King

Liquid Gold Caramel Sauce


This is a soft caramel sauce, with a light brown colour and smooth texture. As this is a soft product, you have the be...

In-stock: 271

£31.88 5kg tub

Cocoa King

Milk Chocolate Flavoured Sauce


This milk chocolate sauce has a sweet, milk chocolate aroma. This sauce’s thick liquid texture makes i...

In-stock: 75

£26.68 5kg tub

Cocoa King

Milk Chocolate Flavoured Sauce with Hazelnut


A rich hazelnut sauce/filling, this is a semi-liquid product ideal for bakery applications. With this being a semi-sol...

In-stock: 166

£29.05 5kg tub

Cocoa King

White Chocolate Flavoured Sauce


 A sauce with a cream-like consistency, it has a milky, sweet flavour for bakery applications. Straight from...

In-stock: 149

£30.07 5kg tub

Cocoa King

White Chocolate Flavoured Sauce with Hazelnut


A liquid topping sauce, this hazelnut-flavoured cream is a nutty topping, ideal for desserts and pastries! Th...

In-stock: 169

£28.81 5kg tub