Food Lacquer & Cocoa Butter Sprays

Whether you're putting a gloss on marzipan or chocolate, or wanting to set your chocolate sculptures quickly, our range of food lacquer and cocoa butter aeosol sprays are ready for instant application. All of these sprays use environmentally-friendly propellants. KABU-fix cocoa butter aerosol (SCR491A) is a liquid, cocoa butter solution aerosol for spraying marzipan figures. The thin cocoa butter film prevents the marzipan from drying out and also imparts a high gloss to the marzipan. Glanz-Fix food lacquer aerosol in spray cans (SCR496) is entirely neutral in smell and taste, protects marzipan from drying out and increases gloss of chocolate decorations and coverings. It also protects sugar artworks against moisture.


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Alcohol-Base Food Lacquer; Edible

Neutral; For marzipan and chocolate


For use on marzipan and chocolate. Protects marzipan from drying out and increases the gloss of chocolate decoations and...

In-stock: 4

£34.25 1l bottle


Food Lacquer Aerosol; Edible

System II; For marzipan and chocolate


Our food lacquer is entirely neutral in smell and taste and can be used for protecting marzipan from drying out or incre...

In-stock: 18

£20.75 300ml can


Chococool; Non-edible Freeze Spray

System II; For sculptured decorations only


Non-edible and suitable for use on sculpted decorations only. Freezes chocolate so elements of a chocolate sculpture can...

In-stock: 45

£18.54 250ml can


Chocolac; Edible Lacquer Spray

400ml; For chocolate only


Only for use on chocolate. Enhances chocolate glossiness.

In-stock: 19

£25.70 400ml can