Personalised Packaging

Hot-foil Blocking with Keylink

Most of the boxes and bags in our range can be hot-foil blocked with a name, logo, or greeting. Although gold and silver are most popular, a wide range of other colours are also available for one or two colour blocking!


What is Hot-foil Blocking, and how does it work for personalised product boxes?

Hot-foil blocking is a method of producing personalised packaging that hasn’t changed all that much since it first began. It’s a process that involves heat and pressure to imprint clean foil designs from a ‘foiling-die’ onto a material.

  1. First, the chosen design is etched into a piece of metal that the industry calls a ‘foiling-die’.
  2. Next, the foiling-die is heated up to around 225°.
  3. Then, a sheet of foil is placed between the material and the die. The design is imprinted onto the material by pressing the die into the material under a large amount of pressure.

Voila - you’ve got your own foil printed boxes!

It’s by far one of the easiest and reasonably priced ways to make your products unique to you, with truly beautiful results, full of character.

Click here to download our foil blocking pricing pdf.

What boxes are available for Hot-foil Blocking?

Here at Keylink, you’ll find a wide range of both rigid and folding boxes, in a myriad of sizes, colours, and textures, to suit your vision - and most of them are available for hot-foiling, too!

If you’ve found the perfect box, but you’re not too sure if it can be personalised, have a chat with our customer service team on 0114 245 5400.

NOTE: Please be aware that in our busiest periods (such as November and December) blocking lead-times may be a bit longer than normal!

Please also note that there is inevitably some spoilage during the set-up process (usually no more than 10 units whatever the run length) so the quantity supplied will be slightly less than the quantity invoiced.

Hot foil blocking can’t be ordered online, so please contact our lovely customer service team to place an order with us, on 0114 245 5400 or at

Personalised Packaging Bags

This is a fantastic way to really differentiate your products from the crowd, communicate your brand and build an emotional connection with your customers.

With this method of personalised packaging, you can order custom printed or custom foil printed bags in quantities down to just 10,000 bags.

The cost of a standard 100x220mm or 100x180mm hard-bottom bag with a one colour print is just under 10p per bag! What a bargain, eh? Hard-bottom personalised packaging bags can also be printed with or without metallisation.

Click here for further information about Custom Printed Bags.

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