Creating Alcohol Crèmes

Crème a la Carte is an excellent range of ready-made ganaches from Callebaut made from a base of white chocolate, cream, sugar and alcohol.

We have been working with Callebaut to develop simple recipes which will allow you to create a range of alcohol Crèmes using the neutral Base Crème (SCM270B) and any one of a number of culinary alcohol concentrates available from Keylink.

Description Alcohol To Use Recipe
Cointreau Crème SCL100 Cointreau Concentrate 2.5%
Brandy Crème SCL122 St. Remy Napoleon Brandy Concentrate 2.5%
Amaretto Crème SCL166 Amaretto Concentrate 2.5%


With the recipes, the percentage given represents the ratio of alcohol to base mass. For example, for 1kg of Base Crème you would add 25ml of Cointreau 60% concentrate. So one bottle of the Cointreau concentrate would be enough for 40kg of ganache.

Whilst these are our recommended recipes, you are of course always free to vary the concentration if you want a stronger or weaker flavour.

More Options

Why not experiment with other alcohols or flavourings to create your own distinctive fillings?