Valrhona Cocoa Library: Macaé 62%

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Celebrate Single Origin Chocolate with Macaé 62%

Discover the most iconic and innovative chocolate couvertures Valrhona has to offer as we explore the Keylink range each month. Today we’re talking about Macaé 62%, a dark chocolate couverture made from beans grown in the lush Bahia province of Brazil, grown under the shade of banana and palm trees.  

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The Best of Brazil

The cocoa beans used to make Macaé 62% come from one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, the Mata Atlantica, a tropical forest which has been classified as a ‘Biosphere Reserve’ by UNESCO. The Bahia province has a long tradition of cacao farming, stretching back to the first Portuguese settlers. 

With a combination of the experience accrued by local planters, and Valrhona’s technical knowledge, together they have created a culture of sustainable agroforestry that not only protects the local ecosystem and promotes biodiversity, but also produces some of the finest cocoa beans in the world. The entire cacao farm in Bahia is Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning the cocoa producers prioritise social, economic and environmental sustainability. 

Sustainability is a key part of Valrhona’s mission, their Single Origin couvertures are part of the environmental movement 1% for the Planet, with at least 1% of annual sales of these couvertures going towards an environmental charity. Valrhona has also been a certified B Corporation since 2020, an accreditation that is only awarded to businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

Find out more about the M. Libânio Agrícola cacao farm on Valrhona’s website, and discover more chocolates (like Hukambi 53%) made from these Brazilian beans. 

A Moment with Macaé

As Single Origin Grand Cru, Macaé 62% is a sparkling example of the Brazilian terroir. Grown under the shade of banana and palm trees, the beans used to create this decadently dark couverture chocolate lend Macaé 62% its bold fruitiness, with notes of grilled dried fruit and a hint of black tea.  

With its 62% cocoa, this is a moreish dark chocolate with just a hint of bitterness at the very end. It’s a perfect choice for rich chocolate ice creams and sorbets, but with its notes of toasted nuts and dried apricot, it would also make delicious bars and bonbons, as well as ganache. 

Macaé’s flavour profile makes it a perfect partner for sweet, fruity and earthy flavours. The subtle banana taste as a result of the cocoa beans growing alongside banana trees means Macaé pairs perfectly with, you guessed it, banana. But try it with lychee or lime for a truly tastebud tantalising experience. You could also combine this dark chocolate couverture with caramel, coffee, cinnamon or ginger for a warming, rich and indulgent tasting bonbon, bar or even a mousse. 

Looking for recipes using Valrhona Macaé 62%? Try this one for Intense Macaé Truffles, or this one for Macaé Chocolate Verrines, a layered dessert served in a small glass, or verrine!  

Technical Specifications

Product: Macaé 62% dark chocolate couverture 

Characteristics: Single Origin Brazil, 62% cocoa, Grand Cru

Tasting notes: Fruity, with notes of dried apricot and a hint of black tea, and a delicately bitter finish 

Recommended applications: Best for ice cream and sorbet, but also great for coating and moulding, mousse, cream-based desserts and ganache 

Flavour pairings: Caramel, coffee, cinnamon, banana, lime, lychee, ginger and chestnut

Delight your dark chocolate loving customers with the exquisite taste of Macaé 62%, Valrhona’s Grands Crus Single Origin Brazil couverture. Any chocolate bar or dessert made with Macaé is sure to satisfy those dark cravings! Next month, we’ll explore another of Valrhona’s tasty couvertures, but until then you can find the full Keylink Valrhona range here.