Valrhona Cocoa Library: Caramelia 36%

Caramelia profile – Keylink WP

Come Take a Look at Creamy Caramelia 36%

We’re back once more with another of Valrhona’s tasty couvertures. This month, we’re looking at Caramelia 36%, a luxurious milk chocolate with notes of salted caramel. Part of the Valrhona indulgent range, we recommend having your own little pile of feves when working with this one, you’ll be reaching for more with each bite!

Dive Into Indulgence

With its deep caramel hues, Caramelia 36% provides the perfect base for customers in need of a sweet chocolate that offers something a little more… Melding creamy notes with salted caramel tones, this would make a rich ganache, a moreish bar or a sumptuous shell.

Paving the way for Valrhona’s indulgent range, Caramelia uses caramelised skimmed milk and butter, leading to a creamy, moreish chocolate.

Technical Specifications

Product: Caramelia 36% Milk Chocolate

Characteristics: Caramel with creamy notes

Tasting notes: Caramel and cream

Recommended applications: Perfect for bar moulding, but can also be utilised in mousses, ganache and ice cream!

Flavour pairings: Citrus fruits, hazelnut, exotic fruits, peanut and cardamom

Allergen information: Milk. May contain nuts and soy

We hope you’ve enjoyed this stop on our monthly journey across the Valrhona range. Keep an eye out for a blog on a fruity feve next month, but until then you can find the full Keylink Valrhona range here.