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Keylink is the chocolatier's one-stop shop for all the everyday and speciality products that a professional chocolatier needs, from chocolate and ingredients to packaging and machinery. And all with a helping of inspiration!

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Roll up your sleeves

A fine selection of new bar moulds, bags, sleeves and boxes

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View Inspire Issue 1 here


Highlights Christmas 2020

Add some magic this Christmas season

Everything you need to make Christmas 2020 one to remember.

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View the brochure online here


Chocolate Petit Fours

Chocolate Petit-fours

Our newest catalogue brings all our gelato product into one place.

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Cover of A Fresh Approach to Gelato

A Fresh Approach to Gelato

Our newest catalogue brings all our gelato product into one place.

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View the brochure online here

You can download the IBC catalogues here


IBC Valentines Day and Easter 2021

Here is IBC's latest catalogue for Valentines Day and Easter 2021.

If you see anything that is not listed on our site, please call our Customer Service team on 0114 245 5400 to discuss your requirements.

View the IBC Valentines Day and Easter 2021 Catalogue here

IBC Color Cuisine Catalogue

Specialised in food colour and decorations, IBC’s Color Cuisine™ provides the right knowledge and products to make your creations stand out. The Color Cuisine™ is an inspirational range based on easy-to-use techniques and powerful products, in which everyone who loves to cook finds that extra touch for any creation. From established restaurateurs to passionate amateurs, from appetisers to desserts, The Color Cuisine™ opens its doors to every kind of chef, prompting them to join, shop, connect, share and inspire. 

Any items you don't see in the Keylink catalogue, please contact our Sales Team for pack sizes, prices and availability.

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