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Vilamajo Candied Fruit

We're delighted to bring you a brand new range of high quality Candied Fruit from Vilamajo. Their dedication to quality ensures we offer you only the best ingredients; for example they carefully select fruit using only three types of Valencia oranges from over fifty varieties grown worldwide.

The range consists of of Premium and Standard grade orange, lemon and ginger pieces. The premium range is preserved using frozen storage, which is more expensive but preserves the full flavour, uses fruit with very little pith and doesn't contain sulphites. The range is perfect for enrobing and enjoying just as they are!

The standard range is stored using a preservative solution containing sulphites. This method is less expensive, has a bright colour, and is commonly used for decorating cakes and muffins and as an inclusion in chocolate and for enrobing.


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SCF0800Candied Straight Orange Peel Strips, drained74 brix; Premium quality for enrobing1kg37£14.36
SCF0801Straight Orange Peel Strips,dusted w Dextrose74 brix; Premium quality for enrobing1kg4£14.84
SCF0802Candied Orange Peel Strips, drained74 brix1kg40£7.73
SCF0804ACandied Orange Slices, drained76 brix5kg box-£37.10
SCF0806Candied Orange Peel Shavings, drained73 brix750g47£9.47
SCF0808Candied Straight Lemon Peel Strips, drained74 brix; Premium quality for enrobing1kg-£12.92
SCF0809Straight Lemon Peel Strips,dusted w Dextrose74 brix; Premium quality for enrobing1kg17£13.36
SCF0810Candied Lemon Slices, drained76 brix2kg box39£17.30
SCF0812Candied Lemon Peel Shavings, drained73 brix **SEE ALERT MSSG***750g-£10.27
SCF0814Candied Orange Peel Cubes, drained74 brix1kg24£4.89
SCF0816Candied Straight Ginger Strips, drainedPremium quality for enrobing1kg19£17.95