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Standard 19mm Ribbons

Pull-bow ribbons provide an ingeniously simple way of making elaborate bows on ballotins or gift boxes with a minimum of effort. Our standard range of pull-bow ribbons are supplied on a 40m roll which would be enough for approximately 40 bows, depending on how full you require your bow.

How to make up your pull-bow ribbon: The broader ribbon has regular indentations and a narrower ribbon is attached at these points with small metal rings. Just cut off the length that you require mid-way between two indentations then, making sure that the ribbon is not twisted, grasp the two free ends of narrower ribbon with one hand whilst pushing the broader ribbon with the other. This will then bunch up the broader ribbon to make the loops. The narrower ribbon is then knotted to secure the rosette you have created and the remaining length can then be tied around your box or bag. The free ends of the narrow ribbon can be dragged against the flat blade of your scissors for a spiral effect as with traditional curling ribbon, or cut off if not needed. The individual loops can then be 'tweaked' into place if required.

To see this in action, please see our video tutorial.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPM4000Pull-Bow Ribbon; Avocado19mm wide40m roll26£5.13
SPM4002Pull-Bow Ribbon; White19mm wide40m roll51£5.13
SPM4004Pull-Bow Ribbon; Ivory19mm wide40m roll30£5.13
SPM4006Pull-Bow Ribbon; Orange19mm wide40m roll48£5.13
SPM4008Pull-Bow Ribbon; Chocolate19mm wide40m roll28£5.13
SPM4010Pull-Bow Ribbon; Purple19mm wide40m roll57£5.13
SPM4012Pull-Bow Ribbon; Apple Green19mm wide40m roll17£5.13
SPM4014Pull-Bow Ribbon; Dark Blue19mm wide40m roll43£5.13
SPM4016Pull-Bow Ribbon; Dawn Pink19mm wide40m roll14£5.13
SPM4020Pull-Bow Ribbon; Light Green19mm wide40m roll49£5.13
SPM4030Pull-Bow Ribbon; Light Blue19mm wide40m roll53£5.13
SPM4171Pull-Bow Ribbon; Shiny Silver19mm wide40m roll15£5.13
SPM4172Pull-Bow Ribbon; Royal Blue19mm wide40m roll26£5.13
SPM4173Pull-Bow Ribbon; Burgundy19mm wide40m roll31£5.13
SPM6500Pull-Bow Ribbon; Old Gold19mm wide40m roll51£5.13
SPM6510Pull-Bow Ribbon; Emerald Green19mm wide40m roll25£5.13
SPM6540Pull-Bow Ribbon; Lavender19mm wide40m roll29£5.13
SPM6550Pull-Bow Ribbon; Fire Red19mm wide40m roll20£5.13
SPM6560Pull-Bow Ribbon; Azalea19mm wide40m roll10£5.13
SPM6580Pull-Bow Ribbon; Mauve Pink/Aurora19mm wide40m roll38£5.13
SPM6630Pull-Bow Ribbon; Bright Gold19mm wide40m roll24£5.13
SPM6640Pull-Bow Ribbon; Salmon19mm wide40m roll17£5.13
SPM6650Pull-Bow Ribbon; Yellow19mm wide40m roll18£5.13
SPM6660Pull-Bow Ribbon; Turquoise19mm wide40m roll22£5.13
SPM6670Pull-Bow Ribbon; Ocean Blue19mm wide40m roll33£5.13
SPM6700Pull-Bow Ribbon; Hearts19mm wide40m roll27£7.96
SPM6760Pull-Bow Ribbon; Yellow Mimosa Flowers Kiria19mm wide40m roll23£11.21
SPM6820Pull-Bow Ribbon; Red with Gold Stripe19mm wide40m roll26£6.67
SPM6850Pull-Bow Ribbon; Gold with Gold Stripe19mm wide40m roll11£6.65
SPM7060Pull-Bow Ribbon; Metallic Silver19mm wide40m roll29£6.88
SPM7062Pull-Bow Ribbon; Metallic Copper19mm wide40m roll43£6.88
SPM7064Pull-Bow Ribbon; Metallic Red19mm wide40m roll77£6.88
SPM7080Pull-Bow Ribbon; Metallic Gold19mm wide40m roll49£6.88