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Short-Dated Stock

Short-dated products have a very short shelf-life remaining and have been significantly discounted to clear. If you are able to use them quickly, why not take advantage of the reduced prices available to increase your profit margin.

All of these products are offered on a strictly first-come first-served basis whilst within date.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
WSCF0290PFreeze Dried Blackcurrant PowderBest before 30 June 2017200g tub1£4.74
WSCF0294PFreeze Dried Strawberry Powder with SeedsBest before 30 June 2017150g tub12£5.94
Ravifruit Ambient Purees
WSCF0863ARavifruit Pear William PureeBest before 25 June 20171kg carton11£3.57
WSCF0867Ravifruit Mojito PureeBest before 12 July 20176x1kg box3£22.82
WSCM463AToffee PiecesBest before 7 June 20175 kg box19£18.02
Cacao Barry Decor
WSCS625Cacao Barry Tulipe Athena CupsBest before 8 July 2017Box of 363£20.26
WSDS591PTransfer Sheets; Colton (Retro) 1 colourBest before 30 June 2017Bag of 53£4.55
WSDS861PMilk Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardBest before 12 July 2017500g tub1£3.95
WSDS871Milk Chocolate SpaghettiBest before 13 July 20172.5kg1£14.69
WSDS871PMilk Chocolate SpaghettiBest before 13 July 2017500g tub2£4.19
WSDS877Orange Curls/BlossomsBest before 10 June 20174kg1£18.36
WSDS877POrange CurlsBest before 10 June 2017500g tub3£3.08
Cacao Barry
WSCN240Whole Caramelised HazelnutsBest before 23 June 20171kg bag1£14.19
WSCM310ACreme Caramel Mass (Buttercream base)Best before 5 July 20173kg tub4£33.48
WSCN190Half Walnut KernelsBest before 30 June 20171.8kg tin1£44.16
WSCN252AAlmonds; Whole; Roasted; ShelledBest before 20 June 20171kg bag4£8.96
WSCN294ACranberries; WholeBest before 20 June 20171kg bag16£2.57
WSCS720Triangle Cups, PlainBest before 17 June 2017Box of 7561£35.27
WSCS730Tapas Cups; Intensive Cocoa with Floral NotesBest before 16 July 2017Box of 602£13.14