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Short-Dated Stock

Short-dated products have a very short shelf-life remaining and have been significantly discounted to clear. If you are able to use them quickly, why not take advantage of the reduced prices available to increase your profit margin.

All of these products are offered on a strictly first-come first-served basis whilst within date.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
WSCC934CasaLuker Cacao; Panela PowderBest before 26 May 20181kg bag29£1.79
Ravifruit Ambient Purees
WSCF0854ARavifruit Blueberry PureeBest before 10 June 20181kg carton160£5.50
WSCF0857ARavifruit Lychee PureeBest before 28 May 20181kg carton65£4.51
WSCF0858ARavifruit Mandarin PureeBest before 6 June 20181kg carton19£5.19
WSCF0862ARavifruit Peach (White) PureeBest before 7 June 20181kg carton6£4.18
WSCF0867ARavifruit Mojito PureeBest before 19 May 20181kg carton59£2.78
WSCF0868ARavifruit Pabana PureeBest before 20 June 20181kg carton42£4.12
WSCF0869ARavifruit Pina Colada PureeBest before 23 May 20181kg carton24£3.50
WSCF0871ARavifruit Boost'inBest before 24 May 20181kg carton5£3.77
Grand Distilleries Peureux
WSCL553CGriottines'Original'Kirsch 15%; 35cl Gift BoxBest before 30 April 20181 jar4£7.42
Kerry Foods
WSCM280PKerryMaid Whipping Cream AlternativeBest before 25 June 20181L carton36£2.55
WSCM463AToffee PiecesBest before 29 May 20185kg box15£25.23
WSCM463PToffee PiecesBest before 29 May 20181kg box33£4.39
WSCR352Water Soluble Powder; BrownBest before 1 May 201850g2£5.62
WSCR377BFat Soluble Liquid for Chocolate; GreenBest before 1 May 201890g jar4£8.91
WSCR379Fat Soluble Liquid for Chocolate; RedBest before 1 May 201890g jar21£12.85
WSDS772Mint LeavesBest before 31 May 20181kg box8£37.90
WSDS772PMint LeavesBest before 31 May 2018250g tub5£10.64
WSDS839PCoffee Flavoured Milk Choc Coffee Bean ShapeBest before 30 May 2018500g tub7£4.91
WSCM138Cream Praline Paste sliceableBest before 23 June 20182.5kg Box4£20.26
WSCN140Lubeca Slivered AlmondsBest before 13 June 201812.5kg1£105.87
WSCN148Blanched HazelnutsBest before 12 May 20181kg8£7.30
WSCN150Natural Californian Decoration AlmondsBest before 20 June 20181kg15£10.80
WSCR500Origin Coloured Cocoa Butter; Light YellowBest before 30 April 2018245g16£8.68
WSDC116Igloo Dark Chocolate PlaquetteBest before 31 May 2018Box of 2241£11.39
WSDS871Milk Chocolate SpaghettiBest before 29 May 20182.5kg1£13.28
WSDS871PMilk Chocolate SpaghettiBest before 29 May 2018500g tub1£3.83
WSDS875PMulti Coloured Marbled Curls/BlossomsBest before 26 June 2018500g tub3£3.66
WSCN239Roasted Nibbed HazelnutsBest before 13 May 20181kg bag6£10.95
WSDC152Small Milk Chocolate StarsBest before 19 June 2018Box of 3526£4.74
WSCM300Gourmet Truffle Mass; WhiteBest before 27 June 20185kg tub22£52.23
WSCM310ACreme Caramel Mass (Buttercream base)Best before 29 May 20183kg tub7£31.51
WSCM401Pure Almond Marzipan Raw Mass MOBest before 8 May 201812.5kg box11£43.02
WSCN610Hazel Hard Croquant; GranularBest before 13 June 20182.5kg box3£23.34
WSCN256APecan Nut PiecesBest before 13 May 20181kg bag18£11.06
WSCN260AMacadamia Nuts; Halves; BlanchedBest before 18 June 20181kg bag3£20.02
WSCS760Presentation Half Eggs, DarkBest before 19 June 2018Box of 2017£21.78