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Pralinés are a combination of sugar and nuts, usually hazelnuts or almonds. They are generally used as centres for chocolates or in desserts and ice-creams. They can be aerated to make them lighter with more volume. If you plan to flavour them, it is usually best to use only oil-based flavours. As these masses have little or no water activity, they are ideally suited to the addition of crunchy or nutty inclusions because the inclusions will retain their crunchy texture for much longer than in a cream-based mass such as a ganache.


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SCM153ASemi-Liquid Hazelnut Praline49.5% Hazelnuts, 50% Sugar5kg tub30£61.31
SCM154Semi-Liquid Caramelised Praline49.5% Hazelnuts, 50% Caramelised Sugar5kg tub5£62.40
SCM154ASemi-Liquid Caramelised Praline49.5% Hazelnuts, 50% Caramelised Sugar1kg tub42£12.85
SCM161Semi-Liquid Almond Praline46.5% Almonds, 46.5% Sugar5kg tub4£55.94
SCM162Hazelnut and Almond Paste24% Hazelnuts; 24% Almonds; 47.5% Sugar5kg tub4£68.87
Cacao Barry
SCM611Almond Praline; Amandes Valencia LenotreAlmonds 49.5%5kg tubTo Order Only£97.54
SCM130Lubeca Hazelnut Almond Praline Liquid 50%Almonds 25%, Hazelnut 25%, Sugar 50%6kg tub2£54.23
SCM132Lubeca Hazelnut Praline Paste50% Hazelnuts6kg Tub2£54.23
SCM136Lubeca Hazelnut Praline Paste sliceable38% Hazelnuts, 47% Sugar2.5kg Box5£26.43
SCM138Lubeca Cream Praline Paste sliceable35% Hazelnuts, 42% Sugar2.5kg box-£25.33