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Metallised Bags

These hard-bottomed bags with a metallised design will provide a perfect foil to your products.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPT3729Metallised Satchel; Gold Scroll Design100x220mmBox of 1005£13.00
SPT3733Metallised Satchel; Gold Scroll Design120x260mmBox of 10015£15.48
SPT3730Gold Stripe Satchel; Narrow Vertical Stripes100x220mmBox of 10050.16£13.00
SPT3734Gold Stripe Satchel; Narrow Vertical Stripes120x260mmBox of 10014.97£15.48
SPT3738Gold Stripe Satchel; Narrow Vertical Stripes140x305mmBox of 10016.97£17.98
SPT3732Silver Stripe Satchel;Narrow Vertical Stripes100x220mmBox of 10052.99£13.00
SPT3750Gold Stripe Satchel; 2 Broad Stripes100x220mmBox of 1008.40£13.00
SPT3754Gold Stripe Satchel; 2 Broad Stripes120x260mmBox of 10011£15.48
SPT3758Gold Stripe Satchel; 2 Broad Stripes140x305mmBox of 10033£17.98
SPT4264Polypropylene Satchel; Ribambelle Cafe100x220mmBox of 10020£13.00
SPT4269Polypropylene Satchel; Geometric Black/Brown100x220mmBox of 1009£13.00
SPT4333Polypropylene Satchel; Geometric Black/Brown120x260mmBox of 10010£15.48
SPT4388Polypropylene Satchel; Blake100x220mmBox of 1005£11.58
SPT4297Polypropylene Satchel; Geometric Red & Silver100x220mmBox of 10010£13.00
SPT4334Polypropylene Satchel; Geometric Red & Silver120x260mmBox of 10010£15.48
SPT4299Polypropylene Satchel; Geometric White/Silver100x220mmBox of 10010£13.00
SPT4335Polypropylene Satchel; Geometric White/Silver120x260mmBox of 10010£15.48
SPT4389Polypropylene Satchel; Luxury Rouge100x220mmBox of 10013.01£11.87
SPT4317Polypropylene Satchel; Arabesque100x220mmBox of 1007£13.00