What is marzipan made of? Marzipan is a confection made from almonds and sugar. Like another well-known product beginning with M, it can be a love-it or hate-it item. But that’s usually because of the low quality, high sugar marzipans we’ve tasted in the past. Our range of premium quality marzipans from Lubeca and Kessko is here to change your mind and make this sweetened almond paste your new favourite ingredient. 

Almond marzipan is remarkably versatile - it’s not just for Christmas or Easter. It can be added to cakes, cookies, traybakes, and even ice cream, to add a creamy, sweet and almondy taste to your confections. Flavour combinations that work fantastically well are cherry, lemon, and of course, chocolate, but pure marzipan can be used almost anywhere you’d like to add an almond flavour, from a light and fluffy frangipane to a dried fruit and nut-filled stollen. 

Try our lower sugar, high quality marzipan for a subtly sweet, premium product, or for moulding and decorating our higher sugar content marzipans are ideal. 

Looking for other ways to add an almond flavour to your creations?  We also stock almond nut butter, hazelnut and almond praliné, and almonds in a variety of formats, from blanched and sliced, to roasted, caramelised and ground. 

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