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General Bags

These hard-bottomed bags have attractive non-seasonal designs which are appropriate for your products at any time of year.

Hard-bottom bags are constructed from polypropylene film with a piece of silver foiled or white card glued into the base of the bag such that when they are filled they are able to stand unaided on a flat surface.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPT3950Polypropylene Satchel; Frosted100x220mm; 44 micronBox of 10011.06£10.58
SPT3952Polypropylene Satchel; Frosted120x260mm; 44 micronBox of 10016£11.28
SPT3954Polypropylene Satchel; Frosted140x305mm; 44 micronBox of 10024£12.93
SPT3671Polypropylene Satchel; Gold Lace100x180mm; 35 micronBox of 10036£7.94
SPT3672Polypropylene Satchel; White Lace100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10012£8.16
SPT3673Polypropylene Satchel; Gold Lace100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10030.99£8.16
SPT3674Polypropylene Satchel; White Lace120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1004£9.05
SPT3675Polypropylene Satchel; Gold Lace120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10014.01£9.05
SPT3865Polypropylene Satchel; White/Gold Lace Flower100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1005.97£11.87
SPT4163Polypropylene Satchel; Gold Scroll On Red100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10011.19£11.87
SPT4164Polypropylene Satchel; Gold Scroll On Red120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10014£13.13
SPT4306Polypropylene Satchel; Polka Anis100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10013.98£11.87
SPT4307Polypropylene Satchel; Polka Anis120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1004£13.13
SPT4309Polypropylene Satchel; Polka Choco-Rose100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1006£11.87
SPT4310Polypropylene Satchel; Polka Choco-Rose120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10013£13.13
SPT4312Polypropylene Satchel; Striped Choco-Rose100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1008£11.87
SPT4313Polypropylene Satchel; Striped Choco-Rose120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1005£13.13
SPT4315Polypropylene Satchel; White Polka Dots100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10016£11.87
SPT4327Polypropylene Satchel; Stone with Black Swirl100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1008£11.87
SPT4328Polypropylene Satchel; Stone with Black Swirl120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1001.99£13.13
SPT4330Polypropylene Satchel; Zazie Mandarine100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10017.97£11.87
SPT4332Polypropylene Satchel; Zazie Menthe100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10016.97£11.87
SPT4342Polyprop Satchel; Kiosque; Blue/White Stripes120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1007£13.13
SPT4350Polypropylene Satchel; Union Jack100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10056.96£12.89
SPT4380Polypropylene Satchel; Orange Polka100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10010£11.87
SPT4381Polypropylene Satchel; Red Polka100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10011.99£11.87
SPT4382Polypropylene Satchel; Gold Polka100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 100-£11.87
SPT4383Polypropylene Satchel; Ocean Waves100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10015.97£11.87
SPT4385Polypropylene Satchel; Chocolate Gourmet100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10040£11.87
SPT4386Polypropylene Satchel; Rochers Gourmet100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10014£11.87