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Ballotins - Small

These smaller ballotins, which are designed to hold between one and four chocolates, are ideal as give-aways for special occasions such as weddings and conferences or for hotels and restaurants. All the smaller ballotins are only supplied flat-packed and can be hot-foil blocked. They are not supplied with glassine liners, but there is an inner bag available for the two-choc ballotins.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
1 Choc Ballotins Additional packs available within 7 days. Click for details
SPB1498A1 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Gold35x35x30mmBag of 5011.65 £6.56
SPB1498B1 Choc Ballotin; Gloss White35x35x30mmBag of 5021 £6.56
SPB1498C1 Choc Ballotin; Matte Gold35x35x30mmBag of 5015.90 £6.56
SPB1498D1 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Silver35x35x30mmBag of 5014.41 £6.56
SPB1498F1 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Black35x35x30mmBag of 5015.92 £8.19
SPB1498H1 Choc Ballotin; Gloss Cream35x35x30mmBag of 503 £4.10
XPC53201 Choc Ballotin with Tuck-in Lid;Cosmo Orange35mmx35mmx30mmBox of 10017£19.50
2 Choc Ballotins Additional packs available within 7 days. Click for details
SPB1502A2 Choc Ballotin; Matte Gold66x34x30mmBag of 5042.94 £8.73
SPB1502B2 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Gold66x34x30mmBag of 5024.98 £8.73
SPB1502C2 Choc Ballotin; Gloss White66x34x30mmBag of 5043.98 £8.73
SPB1502D2 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Silver66x34x30mmBag of 5018.98 £8.73
SPB1502K2 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Black66x34x30mmBag of 5017 £10.40
SPB1502P2 Choc Ballotin; Pastel Coffee66x34x30mmBag of 502.12 £10.40
SPB21252 Choc Ballotin; Chocolate Brown66x34x30mm Clearance lineBag of 503.80 £10.47
SPB21332 Choc Ballotin; Warm Red66x34x30mm Clearance lineBag of 5017 £10.47
SPB21492 Choc Ballotin; Red Entwined Hearts66x34x30mmBag of 5030.86£10.82
SPB21532 Choc Ballotin; White Entwined Hearts66x34x30mmBag of 5055.60£10.82
4 Choc Ballotins Additional packs available within 7 days. Click for details
SPB1508A4 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Gold60x60x30mmBag of 5059.88£10.40
SPB1508B4 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Silver60x60x30mmBag of 5016.86 £10.40
SPB1508C4 Choc Ballotin; Gloss White60x60x30mmBag of 5016.50 £10.40
SPB1508D4 Choc Ballotin; Matte Gold60x60x30mmBag of 508 £10.40
SPB1508F4 Choc Ballotin; Shiny Black60x60x30mmBag of 5015.94 £12.98