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22-25mm Wide Fabric Ribbons

With a large choice of seasonal, plain, patterned and even wired ribbons in this selection, you are sure to find the perfect design to complement your products. The canny amongst you are sure to spot that we have tartan ribbons to offer too.

The Double Faced Satin Ribbons and Grosgrain Ribbons are also available in a 10mm width for total co-ordination of your chosen colour scheme, whether your packaging is large or small.


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Our range of Italian Packaging
SPM7640Satin Sheen Ribbon; Lilac Shimmer*CLEARANCE LINE*50m reel9£4.31
Double Faced Satin
SPM4790ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Gold25mm wide25m reel44£3.27
SPM4800ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Light Yellow25mm wide25m reel23£3.27
SPM4810ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Orange25mm wide25m reel25£3.27
SPM4820ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Pink25mm wide25m reel28£3.27
SPM4830ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Fuchsia25mm wide25m reel54£3.27
SPM4840ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Wine25mm wide25m reel31£3.27
SPM4850ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Red25mm wide25m reel43£3.27
SPM4860ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Brown25mm wide25m reel63£3.27
SPM4870ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Sky Blue25mm wide25m reel22£3.27
SPM4880ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Turquoise25mm wide25m reel30£3.27
SPM4890ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Royal Blue25mm wide25m reel20£3.27
SPM4900ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Black25mm wide25m reel25£3.27
SPM4920ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; White25mm wide25m reel24£3.27
SPM4930ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Lilac25mm wide25m reel20£3.27
SPM4940ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Purple25mm wide25m reel28£3.27
SPM4950ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Leaf Green25mm wide25m reel17£3.27
SPM4960ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Ivory25mm wide25m reel12£3.27
SPM4970ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Taupe Brown25mm wide25m reel19£3.27
SPM4980ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Light Grey25mm wide25m reel37£3.27
SPM4990ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Slate Grey25mm wide25m reel15£3.27
SPM5160ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Plum / Bordeaux25mm wide25m reel9£3.27
SPM5170ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Old Rose / Pink25mm wide25m reel21£3.27
SPM5180ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Aubergine25mm wide25m reel11£3.27
SPM5190ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Powder Blue25mm wide25m reel8£3.27
SPM5200ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Navy25mm wide25m reel18£3.27
SPM5201ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Vintage Green25mm wide25m reel6£3.27
SPM5202ADouble Face Satin Ribbon; Sage Grey25mm wide25m reel8£3.27
Organza Woven Edge
SPM4600Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Brown25mm wide25m reel47£2.31
SPM4620Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Ecru Lemon25mm wide25m reel42£2.31
SPM4630Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Celadon Green25mm wide25m reel29£2.31
SPM4640Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Apple25mm wide25m reel76£2.31
SPM4650Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Light Green25mm wide25m reel21£2.31
SPM4660Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Sky Blue25mm wide25m reel25£2.31
SPM4670Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Royal Blue25mm wide25m reel22£2.31
SPM4680Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Aubergine25mm wide25m reel38£2.31
SPM4690Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Lilac25mm wide25m reel79£2.31
SPM4700Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Beauty Pink25mm wide25m reel51£2.31
SPM4710Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Orange25mm wide25m reel36£2.31
SPM4720Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Burnt Orange25mm wide25m reel22£2.31
SPM4730Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Rose25mm wide25m reel31£2.31
SPM4740Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Turkis25mm wide25m reel40£2.31
SPM4750Organza Woven Edge Ribbon; Gold25mm wide25m reel88£2.31
SPM9161Grosgrain Ribbon; Smoked Grey25mm wide20m reel4£5.94
SPM9163Grosgrain Ribbon; Lilac25mm wide20m reel2£5.94
SPM9165Grosgrain Ribbon; Wine25mm wide20m reel11£5.94
SPM9167Grosgrain Ribbon; Navy25mm wide20m reel6£5.94
SPM9169Grosgrain Ribbon; Sapphire Blue25mm wide20m reel5£5.94
SPM9175Grosgrain Ribbon; Ivory25mm wide20m reel10£5.94
SPM9179Grosgrain Ribbon; Spring Green25mm wide20m reel7£5.94
SPM9181Grosgrain Ribbon; Moss Green25mm wide20m reel5£5.94
SPM9183Grosgrain Ribbon; Chocolate25mm wide20m reel7£5.94
SPM2581Stripes Ribbon; Brown25mm wide25m reel5£5.31
SPM2584Stripes Ribbon; Yellow25mm wide25m reel9£5.31
Linen Look Wired
SPM9830Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Burgundy25mm wide20m reel13£7.09
SPM9831Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Red25mm wide20m reel17£7.09
SPM9832Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Green25mm wide20m reel9£7.09
SPM9833Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Dusky Pink25mm wide20m reel12£7.09
SPM9834Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Taupe25mm wide20m reel8£7.09
SPM9835Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Brown25mm wide20m reel10£7.09
SPM9836Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Cream25mm wide20m reel11£7.09
SPM9837Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; White25mm wide20m reel6£7.09
SPM9838Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Grey25mm wide20m reel5£7.09
SPM9839Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Black25mm wide20m reel13£7.09
SPM9840Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Orange25mm wide20m reel15£7.09
SPM9841Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Yellow25mm wide20m reel4£7.09
SPM9842Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Lilac25mm wide20m reel5£7.09
SPM9843Linen-Look Wired Ribbon; Cerise Pink25mm wide20m reel9£7.09
Split Mesh Wired
SPM9231Split Mesh Wired Ribbon; Harvest Gold25mm wide15m reel82£6.29
SPM9232Split Mesh Wired Ribbon; Shiny Gold25mm wide15m reel11£6.29
SPM9233Split Mesh Wired Ribbon; Silver25mm wide15m reel82£6.29
SPM9234Split Mesh Wired Ribbon; Copper25mm wide15m reel34£6.29
SPM2632Burlap Ribbon; Light Brown24mm wide10m reel29£4.91
SPM2636Burlap Ribbon; Cream24mm wide10m reel7£4.91
Tartan Ribbon
SPM7900ATartan Ribbon; Black Watch (Green/Navy)25m reel; 25mm wide25m reel1£7.70
SPM7920ATartan Ribbon; Fraser (Red/Green/Navy/White)25m reel; 25mm wide25m reel13£7.70
SPM7950ATartan Ribbon;Flower of Scotland (Blue/Black)25m reel; 25mm wide25m reel3£7.72
Heart Ribbon
SPM2412Confetti Heart Ribbon; White on Red20m reel; 25mm wide20m reel10£7.47
Union Jack
SPM2512Union Jack Flag Ribbon; Satin FinishPolyester; 20m reel; 25mm wide **Clearance**20m reel1£7.63
SPM2637Dignified; Rose Pink Ribbon25mm wide20m reel44£4.78
SPM2638Dignified; Copper Ribbon25mm wide20m reel38£4.78
SPM2639Dignified; Slate Ribbon25mm wide20m reel44£4.78
Neon Tartan
SPM2802Neon Tartan Ribbon25mm wide20m reel6£7.39
Sparkle Metallic
SPM2808Sparkle Metallic; Gold25mm wide20m reel6£5.87
SPM2810Sparkle Metallic; Silver25mm wide20m reel8£5.87
SPM2812Sparkle Metallic; Rose Gold25mm wide20m reel5£5.87
SPM2814Sparkle Metallic; Copper25mm wide20m reel13£5.87
Metallic Polka Flakes
SPM2816Metallic Polka Flakes; White25mm wide20m reel5£7.93
SPM2818Metallic Polka Flakes; Pearl25mm wide20m reel5£7.93
SPM2820Metallic Polka Flakes; Honey Gold25mm wide20m reel13£7.93
Merry Stars
SPM2822Merry Christmas Stars; Silver25mm wide20m reel12£7.93
SPM2824Merry Christmas Stars; Gold25mm wide20m reel18£7.93
Fir Cone
SPM2657Fir Cone25mm wide15m reel8£7.49
Mirror Wired Ribbon
SPM2658Mirror Wired Ribbon Gold25mm wide25m reel6£7.88
SPM2659Mirror Wired Ribbon Silver25mm wide25m reel7£7.88