How to Assemble a Pavoni Chocolate Egg

Step 1

Make your two egg halves and your base. Make sure you let your melted chocolate flow right up to the edges of the mould, to ensure you create a good lip for joining later.

Step 2

Scrape the mould to remove as much excess chocolate as possible.

Place your halves on a flat sheet, pressing lightly down. Chill until set.

Step 4

Once set, remove the egg halves from their moulds. Place each half on a hot plate or in a touch-hot frying pan for three seconds to lightly soften the edges, then place together.

Step 5

Pipe a small amount of chocolate onto your base and attach the egg. Your Pavoni egg is complete!

The moulds

We currently have four flexible PVC Pavoni egg moulds available in striking designs. Each pack contains two moulds.