Semi-Bespoke Boxes

The problem with getting your own boxes made is that origination costs can be prohibitively high and you have to buy a very large quantity of them! 

To get around this, we are trialling a new service which allows you to get a “semi-bespoke” box in small quantities with no tooling or set-up costs. We can do this by making your boxes at the same time as we make our standard range, but please note that this can mean lead times of anything from 1 to 6 months.

Step 1: The Box

Select one of our standard range of rigid 125g/250g/375g/500g rectangular bases with solid board lids (page 116) or clear PET lids (page121).

Step 2: The Covering Paper

Select either: Option A – any 135gsm paper (gloss or embossed) from the GF Smith Colorplan ranges at Alternatively, if there is a specific paper you would like to use, just let us know and as long as there are no technical issues, there should be no problem!


Option B – supply artwork for your own special design or even just a particular colour. Alternatively, tell us what you want and we’ll get it designed for you! If you select option B, then the printing of the paper will be treated as a separate item with a separate cost, so that the paper can be made available for use across many box sizes and also stored for repeat orders.

Step 3: Minimum Order/Price

Minimum order
The minimum order is just 250 boxes per size per covering paper, bulk packed.

Lead Time
The lead time will depend on when we will next be producing the style and size of box selected so please note that this could be anything from 1 to 6 months.

The table opposite gives prices per box for each of the different boxes available in Colorplan plain and embossed papers. Please note that these prices are subject to confirmation at the time of placing your order. If you select another paper or if you choose to print your own design, then we will quote accordingly. Colorplan papers can be foil-blocked and this will be charged separately if required.

All prices per box

Solid card base & lid Colorplan Colorplan Embossed
125g £1.27 £1.30
250g £1.53 £1.59
375g £1.98 £2.06
500g £2.15 £2.24
Solid card base & PET lid Colorplan Colorplan Embossed
125g £1.10 £1.11
250g £1.31 £1.33
375g £1.57 £1.62
500g £1.72 £1.76

All prices subject to VAT