Struggling to find your usual chocolate at the moment?


If you’re finding your usual chocolate difficult to come by, Keylink has some alternatives we think you’ll love – both for their price and their flavour!

And don't forget our discount structure can earn you up to 10% off the prices below.


If you want to buy British...

Stewart & Arnold has been created with the British palate in mind, so they will appeal to all ages! They not only taste indulgent but are easy to work with.
Code Description Price per kg
SCC870 Dark 70% £6.02
SCC872 Dark 55% £5.74
SCC874 Milk 35% £6.33
SCC876 White 27% £6.50



If you’re looking for the very best value...

Schokinag is one of our most popular chocolate brands. It has great workability and mass appeal – and all at an excellent price!
Code Description Price per kg
SCC204 Dark 70% £5.21
SCC202 Dark 58% £4.70
SCC200 Dark 53% £4.42
SCC210 Milk 32% £4.70
SCC212 Milk Extra 37% £5.05
SCC216 White 30% £4.76



If the Belgian label is key for you...

Vanova chocolates are an exciting solution for the baker, chef, chocolatier or artisan looking for Belgian chocolates which blend dependability with room for creativity, and quality with value for money.
Code Description Price per kg
SCC317 Dark 58% £5.10
SCC318 Dark 53% £4.73
SCC347 Milk 37% £5.11
SCC338 Milk 32% £5.05
SCC364 White 29% £5.04


These chocolates are all available on our website now, or call us on 0114 245 5400 to order or for help choosing the best match for you. Samples of most of these chocolates are also available.