GEMEF is a range of versatile biscuit, rice and malt inclusions. Lightweight and oven baked using cereal-based natural ingredients, they can improve the nutritional balance of your products, reduce the volume of chocolate or dough you need, and add a delicious crunch and texture. Perfect for chocolate, ice cream, cereal bars and biscuits, GEMEF products also complement other inclusions such as fruit and honeycomb, and make an ideal alternative to nuts. Several of our customers report that combining several GEMEF inclusions together works particularly well, especially in Rocky Road.

Gingerbread Spice Piped Truffles

  Qty  Ingredients   Method
 400g Callebaut W2NV white chocolate SCC520A Pre-crystallise

Melt – cool

 40g Unsalted butter Stir into the prepared white chocolate
190g GEMEF CracBiscuit; small SCM102P or CracRiz SCM104P

Warm slightly
Stir into prepared mix 

 Ingredients  Method

50g whipping cream

0.5g ginger powder

1 clove


Place the cream and spices in a container and infuse overnight.


Bring to the boil the next day –Sieve away spices


125g butter

 100g fondant SCM350

Soften the butter in a mixer

Add the fondant sugar
Mix until smooth


200g Callebaut 823NV milk choc

75g Callebaut 811NV dark choc


Pre-crystallise both chocolates stir in the infused cream to half the chocolate volume

Add the prepared ganache portion to the butter and fondant – mix well 

Add the remaining chocolate

Pipe gingerbread ganache in strips on top of the prepared biscuit base

Allow to set

Hand dip or enrobe in milk or dark chocolate – Decorate with Callebaut Splitters SDS864 or SDS465 – that have been dusted with IBC gold creative powder, SCR461.



Crunchy Breakfast Bar

Optional: Splash the mould with coloured tempered cocoa butters 100g shelled bar moulds with pre-crystallised Callebaut Velvet Chocolate, SCC588.

Fill with Wowbutter (nut-free toasted soya butter), GEMEF CracBiscuit Large SCM100P, or a combination of GEMEF products for extra texture.

Close bars with pre-crystallised Callebaut Velvet Chocolate SCC588.

Sprinkle bars whilst wet with healthy dried fruits, seeds and nuts such as cranberries, orange, bananas, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and goji berries.

Crunchy Breakfast Bar

Add cocoa nibs SCC417C, and GEMEF products of your choice to Callebaut dark chocolate, SCC501.

Spread thinly on to a textured sheet, SDS184, that can be pre-dusted with IBC creative powders, SCR461-5. Allow to crystallise at 12°C for 12 hours.

Break into irregular pieces.

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