The Valrhona Cocoa Library: Part Six

Manjari – Keylink WP
Valrhona Manjari 64% dark chocolate couverture

A Moment With Manjari

Each month we delve into the different chocolate couvertures Keylink stock from Valrhona, with an overview of their flavour profiles, best uses, and more. Our past Valrhona adventures can be found here and here! This month, we’re taking a look at the rich, 64% dark chocolate, Manjari.   

Manjari - A 90's Baby

The rich, flavoursome beans that form Manjari 64% were uncovered by Valrhona in Madagascar, and as their love letter to these beans, they created Manjari 64% in 1990, showing the world the superb quality of Madagascan cocoa beans. The beans specifically originate from the Millot plantation, of which Valrhona have a long standing partnership in committing themselves to improving the living conditions of the employees and families who work there.  

Part of the Valrhona Grand Cru range, (the Valrhona range dedicated to some of their finest flavours) you’ll be hard pressed to find any dark chocolate lover that doesn’t dip in the bag for another feve, as its distinct flavour is what makes it deserving of the Grand Cru title!

Technical Specifications

Product: Manjari 64% dark chocolate

Characteristics: 64% dark chocolate with a fruity overtone

Tasting notes: Red fruits and tart notes

Recommended applications: All chocolate applications

Flavour pairings: Blackcurrant, cranberry, raspberry, sour cherry and muscovado sugar

Whether you’re looking for a brilliant bonbon base, or your next dark chocolate bar to entice your dark chocolate loving customers, Manjari 64% is sure to please! Join us next month, when we explore another of Valrhona’s tasty couvertures.