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At Keylink we've been supplying premium quality chocolates from our headquarters in Sheffield to chefs and chocolatiers, bakers and hobbyist makers for more than 50 years, so we're quite the chocolate experts! Browse our range of chocolates, couvertures, coatings and compounds, or try our new chocolate drink powders in five colours: milk, dark, white, gold and ruby.

Looking for something ready-made? Our chocolate truffle shells, liqeuer spheres and chocolate novelties will go down a treat! Or for the bakers, we also stock liquid chocolate sauces and chocolatey spreads.

You can use the filters to help you find what you're looking for. Need help choosing the right chocolate for you? Just ask!

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Valrhona Tanariva Lactee 33% Grand Cru Milk Chocolate

Feve; Minimum Cocoa Solids 33%


Part of the Valrhona Grand Cru range, you can expect Tanariva 33% to impart some of the finest flavours Valrhona offers....

In-stock: 23

£51.82 3kg bag

Luker Chocolate

Luker Chocolate Heritage Recipes; Milk Chocolate; Noche

Buttons; Minimum Cocoa Solids 40%

SCC9911 (previously SCC911)

A silky milk chocolate with notes of cacao and mild acidity interweaved with each other is what makes Luke Noche that li...

In-stock: 75

£34.36 2.5kg bag


Lubeca White Chocolate; Schok Weiss

Drops; Minimum Cocoa Solids 33%

SCC9804 (previously SCC804)

In-stock: 2

£145.04 10kg box