Craving a new colour? Say hello to Roxy & Rich!

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Introducing, Roxy & Rich...

Wonderful, bright colours can really elevate your creations, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to get bright, vivid colours without blending and mixing colour powders at home. We were committed to finding someone who could provide us with a range of bold, larger than life colours ready to go in a bottle. Enter Roxy & Rich coloured cocoa butters.

by Michael Rodber

18 April 2023

Where it all started...

Starting from humble beginnings, Roxane (Roxy) began making barley sugar sweets as a young girl, which was an instant hit with her friends at school. During this she was also mixing colours to make her sweets even more enticing. 


Richard (Rich) was mixing and creating with dreams of becoming a chef one day. Many years later, Roxane and Richard came together to create a wealth of dazzling coloured cocoa butters under the name Roxy & Rich, inspiring chocolatiers, bakers and chefs around the world.


The Roxy & Rich range is ready out of the box to spray and paint your creations for that extra level of visual flair. They can be added straight into your spray gun, or, pour a small amount in a bowl and use a clean paintbrush to ‘flick’ onto chocolate moulds for a wonderful splatter effect.  

The Radiant Range

The Roxy & Rich range of coloured cocoa butters has an abundance of colour options from Pirate Black, to Tiffany Blue right through to Purple Garnet, ensuring there’s something to suit everyone. You can see our range of Roxy & Rich products here. 

While we cover a vast range, if you don’t see your favourite Roxy & Rich colour on our site, fear not! We can order individual bottles for you. Simply call us and pop in a request for your preferred colour (just like you would a normal order), and we’ll do the rest. 

As these are added to our bulk orders, the lead time is around 4 weeks but this ensures you can get hold of your colour, without having to order in bulk and with no extra fees.

The Applications

Coloured cocoa butters are a fantastic option for adding a fabulous finish to your creations and expanding on your creativity , but it is worth bearing in mind the applications best suited for these products.


Chocolates tend to best marry with these butters, as the cocoa butters are fat soluble, meaning they offer the best possible coverage on high fat products. Simply spray, flick or roll your finger (with your coloured butter of choice) across your chocolate mould. Once set, pour tempered chocolate into your mould as you usually would and once set, the colours will transfer onto your chocolates! 


A glossy, layered cake, these come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are a fabulous way to utilise your cocoa butter. While they are time consuming to make, the wide range of Roxy & Rich colours makes it worth the wait, as you can cherry pick your colour for a vivid, natural or neutral tone. 

Credit to Tine Forst for the image

Some of our favourite creations...

We really love seeing how creative people can be with these wonderful colours, so we’ve picked out a few of our personal favourites below from Roxy & Rich Ambassador Tine Forst. You can see her Instagram here or by clicking on the photos below. Let us know how you get on with the Roxy & Rich range, we’d love to hear from you!

Michael is a Marketing Executive with a penchant for punk rock, cheese, and indoor bouldering.

His favourite chocolate is Valrhona Tanariva.