York Cocoa Works


From originally two cocoa beans the world now has thousands of varieties of cocoa, each producing chocolates expressing different aromas and essences.

York Cocoa Works have sourced some of the finest cocoa from communities and traders around the world to uncover the natural character of the beans and the stories of the farmers who harvest, ferment and dry the cocoa. The result is distinctive flavour profiles not often found in commercially-made chocolate.

Their cocoa vision is to connect these stories and communities as they explore the world of beans, flavours, cultures and recipes and turn them into unique, British-made chocolates. They capture the essence of the whole journey in their chocolate-making process, creating special and characterful craft chocolates from lesser-known chocolate producing countries such as India, Bolivia and Guatemala, made with care and attention and on a much smaller scale than those of global corporations.

House Chocolates - Colombian Origin Chocolates

SCC236 36% White Chocolate 1kg block
SCC238 40% Milk Chocolate Couverture 1kg block
SCC240 63% Dark Chocolate Couverture 1kg block
SCC242 72% Dark Chocolate Couverture 1kg block
SCC244 85% Dark Chocolate Couverture 1kg block

Uganda - The Mountains of the Moon

Grown in the Rwenzori Mountain range on the border between Congo and Uganda, the Mountains of the Moon region is the birthplace of the Nile. The snow-capped mountains melt, flourishing the hillside below where the cocoa grows. The region grows a mixture of Forestero and Trinitario cocoa. This regional blend, when roasted creates fantastic dimensions of rich fruity components in the chocolate which when blended with creamy, whole British milk create a complex 45% milk chocolate. These same beans stand robustly with a little sweetness and become a 72% dark chocolate.

SCC246 45% Uganda Origin Milk Chocolate 1kg block
SCC254 72% Uganda Origin Dark Chocolate 1kg block

India - Kerala Idukki

The spice garden of India, the Idukki region in Kerala cultivates a deep purple Forestero cocoa with sharp fruity volatiles, creating a deep and complex chocolate with lingering notes of coffee and spices.

SCC248 50% Kerala Origin Milk Chocolate 1kg block
SCC250 63% Kerala Origin Dark Chocolate 1kg block


The Alto Beni co-operative in the Palos Blancos region of Bolivia cultivates some of the finest wild cocoa beans. The cocoa has a deep, earthy chocolate flavour that makes this one of York Cocoa Works’ favourite cocoas to work with.

SCC252 63% Bolivia Origin Dark Chocolate 1kg block


The farmers in the Chulucanas Valley in Piura, Peru cultivate this beautifully floral native white cocoa variety. These rare cocoa beans have gentle fruit and floral aromas that York Cocoa Works gently roasts to capture all of the sweet qualities in the beans. This is balanced with only a little British sugar to create our 85% Chililique Peru chocolate.

SCC258 85% Peru-Chillilique Dark Chocolate 1kg block


This cocoa is cultivated in the Lachua region of Guatemala, home to the Q’eqchi’ Mayan families. The cocoa farms are in the protected area of Lake Lachua where the trees are grown between banana, cardamom and coffee plants.

SCC256 80% Guatemala Origin Dark Chocolate 1kg block