The Valrhona Cocoa Library: Part One

Satilia Profile – Keylink WP

Meet Valrhona's Professional Signature Couvertures: the Satilias

Join us each month as we deep dive into the different chocolate couvertures Keylink stock from Valrhona, taking a closer look at their flavour profiles, best uses, and more.

This month, it’s a three for one, as we take a peek inside the bag at Satilia Noire, Satilia Lactée and Satilia Blanche.

Valrhona Chocolate Couvertures

Valrhona’s range of couverture chocolates includes both single origin and blended options, giving your chocolate products both consistency and character. As premium quality blended chocolates, the three Satilias are well-known for their workability, reliability, and subtle but perfectly rounded cocoa profiles.

The Professional Signature range guarantees full-bodied flavour, balance and outstanding results, and is ideal for everyday use as your core chocolate grades. Allowing you to experiment and explore your creativity, whilst offering consistently delicious chocolate products that are universally loved by consumers and chocolatiers alike.

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Spotlight on Satilia Noire

If you’re looking for a well-rounded dark chocolate with bitter notes, and hints of grilled fruits and toasted nuts, you can’t go wrong with Satilia Noire.

A robust, workable chocolate that’s ideal for a wide range of applications, but especially as a coating or for bonbon shells.

With 62% cocoa solids, this balanced dark chocolate combines an intense cocoa profile with a mild flavour that provides the perfect stage for your other ingredients to really shine.

Characteristics: 62% dark chocolate couverture, balanced flavour and texture

Tasting notes: rounded flavour, hints of sweet almond and toasted nuts with roasted cocoa notes

Recommended applications: all, but best for coating

Flavour pairings: dried fruits, almonds, orange, ginger

Satilia Noire

Spotlight on Satilia Lactee

Valrhona’s Professional Signature milk chocolate couverture, Satilia Lactée, is a full-bodied milk chocolate with biscuity notes and a subtle sweetness.

Like the Satilia Noire, it was specially created for coating chocolate bonbons, and is a versatile, medium-fluidity couverture that lends itself well to every application, giving flawless results every time.

Satilia Lactée is a 35% milk chocolate with a creamy texture that melts in the mouth, making this a perfect companion to nut-based bonbon fillings, like praliné and gianduja, as well as tart berry fruits to contrast the sweetness.

Characteristics: 35% milk chocolate couverture, balanced flavour and texture

Tasting notes: rounded flavour, dominant chocolate taste with a hint of biscuit and slight sweetness

Recommended applications: all, but best for coating

Flavour pairings: toasted hazelnuts, blackcurrant, cherry, roasted pecans

Spotlight on Satilia Blanche

With a smooth, balanced and rounded flavour, Satilia Blanche is a dreamy backdrop for your other ingredients, allowing them to shine through, no matter the application.

Versatile and easy to work with, this white chocolate couverture contains 31% cocoa butter and is medium-fluidity, making it perfect for coating, but also ideal for all other pastry, chocolate and ice-cream making applications.

The creamy, subtly sweet taste with a hint of vanilla makes this chocolate a great base for sharp fruit flavours, as well as caramels with a pinch of sea salt.

Characteristics: 31% white chocolate couverture, balanced flavour and texture

Tasting notes: smooth, rounded flavour, creamy notes with a hint of vanilla

Recommended applications: all, but best for coating

Flavour pairings: red fruits, salted caramel, passion fruit

We’ll be back next month with another chocolate profile from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, and in the meantime you can check out the full Keylink range to discover your next favourite chocolate!