The Valrhona Cocoa Library: Part Two

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Meet Valrhona’s Grand Cru Milk Chocolate Couverture: Jivara

Come along as each month we explore the different chocolate couvertures Keylink stock from Valrhona, taking a closer look at their flavour profiles, best uses, and more.  

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on Valrhona’s iconic milk chocolate, Jivara. 

Valrhona Grand Crus Chocolate Couvertures

The Grand Cru range from Valrhona features both single origin and blended chocolates, which combine different cocoa beans that are characteristic of their home terroir. Jivara brings together cocoa beans typical of Ecuador and Ghana, carefully blending complementary aromatic cocoa profiles, to give this exquisite, cocoa-rich milk chocolate its unique character and consistency. 

As one of the highest percentage cocoa solids milk chocolates Valrhona produces, Jivara is well-known and loved throughout the industry for its reliability, workability and outstanding results. 

Ready to discover this intense and captivating milk chocolate? 

Spotlight on Jivara Lactée

If you want a showstopping milk chocolate couverture for your ganache, mousse, bonbons, bars or ice cream, then you’re in luck. With 40% cocoa solids, this finest quality milk chocolate combines an intense cocoa profile with a creamy mouthfeel. 

As a Grand Cru couverture, Jivara stands out from the crowd. With its mellow, malt taste and exceptional depth of flavour, it’s the perfect milk chocolate to show off your creativity and skill with a variety of fun flavour pairings and ideal applications. 

Jivara was crafted in 1995 as part of Valrhona’s drive to create new and original couvertures that would surprise and delight chocolate-lovers, and be a dream to work with for chocolatiers, patisserie chefs and bakers.  

A milky, malty chocolate with a deep chocolate taste and warm vanilla notes, Jivara is ideal for a wide range of applications, but especially ganache and cream-based applications, such as ice cream. 

Technical Specification

Product: Jivara 40%, Grands Crus blend

Characteristics: 40% milk chocolate couverture, pronounced chocolate flavour 

Tasting notes: mellow, malty and cocoa-rich flavour with vanilla notes 

Recommended applications: all, but best for ganache 

Flavour pairings: salted caramel, nuts, praline, red berries, tonka bean, exotic fruits 

Allergen information: contains gluten (barley malt extract)

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to one of our favourite milk chocolates from Valrhona. We’ll be back next month with another chocolate profile from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, and in the meantime you can check out the full Keylink Valrhona range to discover your next favourite chocolate! 

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