The Valrhona Cocoa Library: Part Three

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Valrhona Guanaja

Meet Valrhona’s Iconic Grand Cru Dark Chocolate: Guanaja

Each month, we’re deep diving into a different chocolate from our brand new collection of Valrhona couvertures. If you missed our previous posts from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, you can head over to find out more about the Satilia range and Jivara Lactée.

This month, Guanaja 70% dark chocolate takes centre stage.

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Couvertures

Valrhona’s range of dark chocolates is extensive and varied, with both blends and single origin couvertures, and a variety of flavour profiles and characteristics to play with. From fruity, tangy darks, to woody, full-bodied chocolates with bittersweet notes, there’s a dark chocolate couverture for every application imaginable.

Valrhona’s Grand Cru selection demonstrates the highest quality chocolate the brand has to offer, whilst providing a gallery of unique and versatile couvertures with their own personalities and ideal uses.

With its unique and consistent flavour, thanks to the blend of finest quality beans chosen specifically for their aromatic profile, Guanaja boasts a bittersweet and elegant flavour profile and is the perfect backdrop for chocolatiers to showcase their skills.

Ready to be tempted to the dark side?

Spotlight on Guanaja

Guanaja was first created in 1986 and was, at that time, the world’s bitterest chocolate. Instantly popular with chocolatiers and chefs, Guanaja revolutionised the industry and forced professionals to rethink the concepts of flavour and application, allowing artisans to push the boundaries of their craft.

And it’s still just as iconic today. Made from a blend of beans typical of Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Madagascar and Cote D’Ivoire, Guanaja takes its name from the first cocoa beans presented to Christopher Columbus when he washed up on the Caribbean Island of Guanaja in 1502.

Guanaja’s distinctive tangy, bittersweet flavour and roasted cocoa notes make it a great all-round dark chocolate, ideal for any application from coating and moulding, to bars and mousse. But it really comes into its own when used to create delicious ice creams, gelatos and sorbets.

Technical Specification

Product: Guanaja 70%, Grands Crus blend

Characteristics: 70% dark chocolate couverture, balanced and bitter 

Tasting notes: tangy yet balanced, with roasted cocoa nib notes and a bittersweet finish 

Recommended applications: all, but best for ice cream, gelato and sorbet

Flavour pairings: nuts, ginger, tonka bean, salted caramel, red berries

Allergen information: suitable for vegans, made in a facility that uses milk, nuts and soya

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Valrhona’s most famous dark chocolate couverture. We’ll be back next month with another chocolate profile from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, and in the meantime you can check out the full Keylink Valrhona range to discover your next favourite chocolate!  

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