Using Colours In Your Christmas Confections

Using colours at Christmas – Keylink WP

Yuletide Kaleidoscope: The Role of Colour in Christmas Visuals

Bright and bold colours at Christmas… while they’re ever changing each year (apparently it’s purple this year, which we’re very excited about!) they’re a key factor in making Christmas designs ‘pop’.

We obviously all have favourites – colours that conjure childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia. But when decorating your Christmas creations, you can think out of the box and choose some snappy colours to offer a unique festive treat! We personally love Jewel colours as a way to emulate the glittery effect of Christmas baubles!

So, what tools and tactics can you use to achieve this?

Seasonal Shimmer

There’s a myriad of ways to add a dash or splash of colour to your creations this festive season. From creative powder, to cocoa butter or changing the entire colour of your chocolate with Power Flowers!

You could go the traditional route, and simply brush some scarlet lustre dust onto a moulded Rudolph’s nose, or you can mix your creative powder with a little confectioner’s alcohol and paint patterns or swirls straight into your chocolate moulds.

You’ll see this method used in confectionery displays and in eye-catching point-of-sale items, not least because it’s a quick and simple way to showcase your chocolatiering talents, whilst ensuring your designs stand out from the crowd this Christmas.

Colourful Cocoa

One of the most common ways to customise your Christmas creations is to use coloured cocoa butter, and it’s perfect for playful decorations. This versatile product can be brushed, sprayed or flicked into chocolate moulds or directly onto your high-fat products.

While this method is seen all year round, certain colours and moulds lend themselves to Christmas designs. Green cocoa butter can be applied in a Christmas tree shape with a brush onto a rounded snacking bar mould, or you can mix and match with sparkling silver and red for something a little more special this holiday season. 

  • Paint designs into your mould! A hand painted tree in a bar mould topped with lustre dust is wonderfully simple yet effective.
  • Mix and match warm and comforting colours on a slab bar, to make your Christmas treats extra indulgent.

Go Big or Go Home!

If you’re feeling extra bold, you can actually change the colour of your chocolate as a whole! Simply use the Power Flowers range and mix directly into your chocolate to impart your preferred cosy colour. Some other examples include:

  • Pouring two chocolate colours into your mould so they meet and make a marbled effect.
  • Picking Christmas themed moulds and using coloured chocolate to match the traditional themes.
  • Piping out Christmas designs such as trees, stars and baubles! Top off with Crispearls for that extra level of flair.
  • Go for green by using matcha tea powder to achieve a natural green colour and a subtle tea flavour! 

Keeping it real (Christmassy)

Now, with all the above in mind, don’t shy away from the classics, you can’t beat fruit topped chocolate for an eye catching but tasty treat. Top a white chocolate bar, bonbon or bark with cranberries and crystallised mint leaves for the classic red and green palette, or give it a modern twist with Mojito ambient fruit purée and freeze dried strawberries!

Or, pipe pistachio praline into a hollow tree chocolate before enrobing and rolling in chopped pistachios, to emulate those spiky firs!

So, in short, keep it colourful and Christmassy, and remember to show us your wonderful creations!