New Additions to Keylink's Valrhona Range!

New Additions to Keylink’s Valrhona Range! – Keylink WP

Introducing the new additions to our Valrhona range!

In case you’ve been living under a rocky road, Valrhona is a French manufacturer of widely-coveted chocolate products used by bakers and chocolatiers alike. Founded in 1922, they have since perfected recipes for dark, milk, white, and blond chocolates. A well-trusted, ethical company with a B Corp certification to boot, with Valrhona, you can be assured you won’t be compromising on flavour, quality, sustainability, or ethics. 

Back in July, we revealed to the chocolate world that Keylink had partnered with Valrhona to bring you fifteen of Valrhona’s finest chocolates. Now, we at Keylink are pleased to announce we are expanding our range, with six new products added to our roster of delectable ingredients for bakers and chocolatiers alike. With all that being said, Keylink proudly presents…

Valrhona Inspiration Couvertures

Introducing the Sirha-Innovation-Award-winning Inspiration range! These couvertures combine the fresh taste of real, premium fruit powders with the silky texture of cocoa products, without adding additional liquid to your recipes like other fruit ingredients. Due to the absence of cocoa mass, the flavours in the Inspiration range are classed as couvertures as opposed to chocolates, however, you’ll need to temper them as you would chocolate, for use in moulding, ganache, and bar flavouring. Created with only natural ingredients, each couverture is a vibrant visual representation of the intense flavours that await, including…

Passion Fruit Discover the zing of passion fruit enveloped in a creamy cocoa couverture. An intense, sweet tang balanced with a tropical freshness, this Inspiration will pair perfectly with the likes of coconut and lemon, or more floral notes such as coriander, mint, orange blossom, or white jasmine tea. 

Raspberry A versatile and well-beloved flavour of many, this inspiration evokes the taste of homemade jam, with hints of acidy and tanginess. Made with real raspberry powder, this couverture will lend its flavour (and colour) in aid of a delightful ganache, and can be complemented by pistachio, biscuit, lychee, fennel and more.

Strawberry Another classic, this all-natural strawberry flavoured couverture is the answer to some of the synthetic-tasting alternatives out there, and is ideal in any recipe that typically includes strawberry confit. Some complementary flavours include anise, vanilla, nougat, and lemon!

Yuzu an icon in asian gastronomy, the yuzu fruit is a yellow citrus fruit that intertwines intense flavours of orange, grapefruit, and lemon with a floral and herbal aroma. Sweet and bitter, this couverture would pair perfectly with Coffee, dark rum, exotic fruits, and white jasmine tea to name just a few. 

Not Only That…

Valrhona Cocoa Powder – We’ve added Valrhona’s Dutch-processed (aka alkalised) cocoa powder to our range! Bake the cocoa luxury of Valrhona into your cakes, cookies, muffins and more using this 21% cocoa powder. With a rich red mahogany hue to reflect an intense chocolatey flavour, this is a versatile product or all your culinary uses.


Valrhona Tropilia Amer 70% Dark Chocolate – By popular demand, we’re now stockists of Valrhona’s Tropilia Amer, a well-rounded dark chocolate with intense cocoa notes. A pillar of the Professional Signature range, this dark chocolate is perfect for use in ganache and other cream-based recipes, and has been tailored to chocolatiers looking for a multi-use chocolate that still produces tantalising chocolate flavours and textures.

These cocoa products are available now! You can find the full Valrhona range here, by clicking the link on each of the highlights above, or get in touch with our sales team to find out more by calling our sales team on +44 (0)114 245 5400.