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Sugared Almonds

Five sugared almonds are traditionally given in wedding favours to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life but are also a popular addition to your confectionery offerings all year round.

There are approximately 250 'Standard' grade almonds per kg and 270 'Superior' grade almonds per kg. The Superior almonds have a larger nut and a thinner sugar coating.

Please note that colours may vary. Red and green almonds are only available as separate colours and are not part of the assortment.

Sugared almonds are subject to VAT.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
CNS190SStandard Sugared Almonds; Assorted5kg box4£29.32
CNS191Standard Sugared Almonds; White5kg box12£28.62
CNS192Standard Sugared Almonds; Pink5kg box7£28.62
CNS193Standard Sugared Almonds; Blue5kg box13£28.62
CNS194Standard Sugared Almonds; Lilac5kg box16£28.62
CNS200SSuperior Sugared Almonds; Assorted5kg box10£34.85
CNS201Superior Sugared Almonds; White5kg box12£34.07
CNS202Superior Sugared Almonds; Pink5kg box3£34.07
CNS203Superior Sugared Almonds; Blue5kg box10£34.07
CNS204Superior Sugared Almonds; Lilac5kg box9£34.07
CNS207Superior Sugared Almonds; Yellow5kg box10£34.07
CNS208Superior Sugared Almonds; ChampagneColour may vary (Peach)5kg box11£34.07
CNS250Silver Coloured Sugared Almonds (E174)2.5kg bag4£28.62
CNS250ASilver Coloured Sugared Almonds (E174)5kg box1£58.60
CNS251Gold Coloured Sugared Almonds2.5kg box9£34.75
CNS251AGold Coloured Sugared Almonds5kg box8£72.23