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Silicone Moulds

Silicone moulds are a popular alternative to polycarbonate moulds because it is so easy to de-mould your chocolates. A great use of silicone moulds is to form your centres which you can then dip by hand - the end result looks similar to a moulded praline without the need to mould! Please note that you are unlikely to achieve the same finish to chocolates as you would using a polycarbonate mould.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
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SMN1000Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Hearts30x22x25mm; 15 per mould; -60'c to +230'ceach10£10.26
SMN1002Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Cubes26x26x18mm; 15 per mould; -60'c to +230'ceach5£10.26
SMN1004Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Imperials28mm dia x 20mm; 15 per mould;-60'c to +230'ceach4£10.26
SMN1006Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Rounds28mm dia x 18mm; 15 per mould;-60'c to +230'ceach5£10.26
SMN1008Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Xmas Shapes34x35x18mm; 12 per mould; -60'c to +230'ceach-£10.26
SMN1010Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Pralines30mm dia x 18mm; 15 per mould;-60'c to +230'ceach3£10.26
SMN1012Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Flowers30x30x15mm; 15 per mould; -60'c to +230'ceach3£10.26
SMN1014Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Tablette38x28x4.5mm; 12 per mould;-60'c to +230'ceach2£10.26
SMN1016Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Fashion Items41x30x12mm; 14 per mould; -60'c to +230'ceach1£10.26
SMN1018Silicone Moulds for Chocolate Dinosaurs40x33x16mm; 12 per mould; -60'c to +230'ceach1£10.26