What is praliné? 

Praliné is a confection made by combining roasted nuts – often almonds or hazelnuts – with caramelised sugar. Praliné is usually used as a filling for chocolate bonbons, in desserts or ice cream and gelato. It can also be aerated to make it lighter, or flavoured using flavouring oils and drops.  

Praliné’s low water content makes it the perfect vehicle for crunchy and nutty inclusions, such as crushed wafer filling and toasted cereal balls (like in Cara Crakine). 

Available in both semi-liquid form and as a sliceable block, and with options including hazelnut, pistachio, and hazelnut and almond flavours, these high quality, read-made pralinés are perfect for filling your chocolates and desserts, flavouring and combining with other fillings.  

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Semi-Liquid Hazelnut Praline

49.5% Hazelnuts, 50% Sugar


(Callebaut Code: PRA-T14)   Premium hazelnuts are roasted and ground to make this fine, homogenous praline. It is...

In-stock: 22

£115.91 5kg tub


Semi-Liquid Hazelnut Praline

50% Hazelnuts, 49.5% Sugar


(Callebaut Code: PRA-CLAS-T14)   Golden colour and fine, velvety smooth mouth feel. Intense taste of caramelised h...

In-stock: 18

£118.13 5kg tub


Semi-Liquid Hazelnut Praline

50% Hazelnuts, 49.5% Sugar


(Callebaut Code: PRA-CLAS-E4-19A)   This is a fine praliné paste with the unique flavour of a traditionally...

In-stock: 70

£24.29 1kg tub


Hazelnut and Almond Paste

24% Hazelnuts; 24% Almonds; 47.5% Sugar


(Callebaut Code: PRAMANO-T14)   Warm golden colour and velvety mouth feel. Pleasant sweet taste with a delicate ba...

In-stock: 11

£112.54 5kg tub

Cacao Barry

Onct Pistachio Praline

70% Pistachios; 29.5% Sugar


Deliciously unique, this 70% pistachio praline has a vibrant, green appearance. Grown in the Mediterranean, and lightly...

In-stock: 26

£73.60 1kg tub


Lubeca Hazelnut Praline Paste

50% Hazelnuts


A beautifully flavourful, glossy praline paste made with 50% hazelnuts. Deep, roasted flavours work so well with milk ch...

In-stock: 21

£69.53 6kg tub


Lubeca Hazelnut Praline Paste sliceable

38% Hazelnuts, 47% Sugar


In-stock: 35

£32.89 2.5kg box