Patisserie Glazes

What is patisserie glaze? 

Glazes are used to give desserts and baked goods a shiny, high gloss finish, and are often made from water and sugars, in the case of neutral mirror glaze, or chocolate and cream. They’re a busy pastry chef’s best friend! 

Our range of ready-to-use patisserie glazes give your creations a delicious chocolate flavour as well as a smooth, shiny appearance. The Crème Dell-Artigiano collection can be used as a fabulous pastry filling, as well as a highly effective glaze, and comes in bitter dark chocolate flavour, creamy white chocolate flavour, and light hazelnut.  

And ChocO’shine is a dark, high brilliance glaze made from the finest Belgian dark chocolate, that offers a perfect finish when you don’t have the time to create a chocolate mirror glaze from scratch. It’s designed to be used directly onto deep frozen pastries and entremets, allowing you to create a large number of eye-catching, elegant desserts with ease, and have them ready to serve at short notice. 

Looking for a different type of filling or flavouring mass? Browse our full range, or chat to one of our friendly team who’ll be happy to help you find what you need. 

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Creme Dell'Artigiano; Bitter Choc Flavour

Tub; Minimum Cocoa Solids 23%; Fat 35.3%


(Callebaut Code: V21-OH35NV-T06)   Extra dark glaze and pastry filling in one, Creme dell'Artigiano is yo...

In-stock: 5

£73.50 10kg tub


Creme Dell'Artigiano; White/Creamy Flavour

Tub; Fat 34.9%


(Callebaut Code: VOO-OH35-ITWNV-T06)   White chocolate taste - a dream to work with. This is a ready-to-use base f...

In-stock: 7

£82.80 10kg tub


Creme Dell'Artigiano; Light Hazelnut Flavour

Tub; Minimum Cocoa Solids 3.5%; Fat 40% (Nocciola)


(Callebaut Code: N05-0H40-T06)   Count on Creme dell'Artigiano to add a smooth filling with a lovely haze...

In-stock: 2

£89.95 10kg tub


Chocoshine; Dark & Brilliant Chocolate Glaze

Minimum Cocoa Solids 41.5%; Ready-to-use


(Callebaut Code: FWD-41CHOCSH-Z35)   ChocO'shine Dark is a ready-to-use dark chocolate glazing, made from...

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£73.70 6kg tub