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Other Speciality Décor and Inclusions

The inclusions below have all been designed expressly for use in ice cream, biscuits, cookies, croissants and other bakery products and are sure to add diversities of taste, texture and colour to your offerings!


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Due In
Ideal as a decoration or as an inclusion. Delicious enough to eat as it is.
SCM453PGinger Mini Cube10mm1kg tub26£13.45
SCM454AGinger Mini Cube10mm5kg box50£60.27
Toffee, Caramel and Fudge
SCM456AChocolate Fudge Brownie Pieces6mm Pieces10kg box30£67.07
SCM456PChocolate Fudge Brownie Pieces6mm Pieces1kg tub29£8.27
SCM458ACaramel Fudge Pieces6mm Cubes10kg box31£65.07
SCM458PCaramel Fudge Pieces6mm Cubes1kg tub29£8.07
SCM463AToffee Pieces3-10mm5kg box59£36.04
SCM463PToffee Pieces3-10mm1kg tub50£8.77
SCM464Nigay Salted Caramel Crunch4kg tub29/09/17£38.63
SCM464PNigay Salted Caramel Crunch500g tub32£6.06
Crushed Wafer Filling
When mixed into a ganache or praline or used as a layer in patisserie or desserts, this filling will add a wonderfully crispy texture to your product.
SCM560ACacao Barry Crushed Wafer Filling(Paillete Feuilletine)2.5kg box61£19.08
SCM560PCacao Barry Crushed Wafer Filling(Paillete Feuilletine)500g tub26£5.10
Popping Candy
Popping candy just fizzes in the mouth and remains a really popular inclusion in chocolates.
SCM550APopping Candy;Uncoated/Uncoloured/UnflavouredUsage; In Chocolate1kg bottle61£25.39
SCM552Popping Candy; Coated (Cocoa Butter)Usage; Ice Cream/desserts (Max 3% moisture)1kg bottle39£23.64
Mini Mallows
Mini Mallows are great for topping your chocolate confections, including in chocolate bars and much more.
SCM450Mini Mallows; Pink and White1kg bag75£6.64
Traditional Style Honeycomb
Can be used in high moisture products such as ice cream as the vegetable oil coating retains the shape and texture and makes a great inclusion in chocolates such as pralines and chocolate bars.
SCM420Honeycomb Chunks15-35mm size2.5kg box-£12.63
SCM422Honeycomb Nibbles; Fat Coated4-8mm size3kg box45£18.04
SCM422PHoneycomb Nibbles; Fat Coated4-8mm size500g tub35£4.29
SCM424Honeycomb Bites; Fat Coated5-20mm size3kg box13£18.04
SCM424PHoneycomb Bites; Fat Coated5-20mm size500g tub37£4.29