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Tintoretto Neutral White Filling

Block, White filling; neutral taste


Tintoretto is a basic range of neutral and flavoured, ready-to-use, praliné fillings that can be piped or enrobed...

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£24.16 5kg block


Tintoretto Milk Filling

Block; Brown filling; neutral taste


Tintoretto Milk is your ready-to-use filling that can be customied with the flavour of the day. It has a light...

In-stock: 37

£24.46 5kg block


Tintoretto Coconut Filling

Block; White filling; coconut flavour


Tintoretto Coconut is your ready-to-use filling with a tropical coconut taste that's open to your personal signature. It...

In-stock: 19

£24.89 5kg block

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche Mardel; Bakestable

Soft Milk Toffee Filling; Desserts & Baking


In-stock: 35

£7.77 1kg jar

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche 'Che'

Soft Milk Toffee Filling


Dulce de Leche is a soft milk toffee filling, perfect for a wide variety of uses.  Use it to fill chocolates, as a...

Out of stock

£7.61 1kg tub

Cara Crakine™

Cacao Barry Cara Crakine

Toasted cereal balls in caramel milk choc


Cara Crakine™ is a ready-to-use filling of toasted cereal balls in caramel milk chocolate.

In-stock: 14

£51.24 5kg tub

Cara Crakine™

Cacao Barry Cafe Crokine

Coffee Flav with White Chocolate & Cocoa Nibs


Café Crokine™ is a delightful intense coffee taste preparation with white chocolate and crunchy caramelised...

In-stock: 5

£48.74 5kg tub

Fondant Mass

White Refined Fondant Mass (83% sucrose)

Moisture Content 12%; For fillings


Fondant centres are frequently used as an alternative to ganache and can be very effective when flavoured, as well as be...

In-stock: 53

£21.83 15kg tub


Montelimar Nougat; For Enrobing

6g per piece (approx. 400 pieces)


In-stock: 32

£66.84 2.4kg box

Other Masses

Nigay Caramel with Salted Butter

78% Brix


Nigay salted butter caramel is a premium product for a use as a luxurious filling for chocolates, bars, cakes and patiss...

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£49.98 6kg tub

Other Masses

Caramel Fill


The genuine caramel with butter toffee flavour. Caramel Fill is a ready-to-use genuine caramel. With its deep golden col...

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£28.06 5kg tub

Other Masses

Coconut Paste

38% Coconut


Ideal for: making & flavouring centres, flavouring & decorating patisserie.

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£89.35 6.25kg tub