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Other Filling / Flavouring Masses

Tintoretto is a basic range of neutral and flavoured, ready-to-use, praliné fillings that can be piped or enrobed. As they have no water activity, they are ideally suited to adding any kind of crunchy inclusion, such as Caramelised Nibbed Hazelnuts or Pailleté Feuilletine, as the inclusions will retain their texture for several months. Tintoretto contains non-hydrogenated fats.

Dulce de Leche is a soft milk toffee filling with a silky smooth texture and a deliciously indulgent taste. It is the traditional Argentine sweet spread, made from cane sugar and the purest milk from cows grazing the Argentine pampas. Nutritionally, it has less fat than similar fillings at only 5.9%. Please note the bakestable product SCM315A is a product of Spain.

Cara Crakine™ is a ready to use filling of toasted cereal balls in caramel milk chocolate and adds an incredibly crunchy texture to your recipes with a delightful caramel/biscuit taste. Simply melt and spread to quickly prepare your cake bases, or pipe in as a filling, knowing that the reliable and high quality standards of taste and texture are maintained each time you make your recipe.

White Refined Fondant Mass is essentially sugar and is often used as an economical alternative to ganache in chocolate centres. It is easily flavoured using Ravifruit ambient fruit purées, Kessko fruit and flavour pastes, alcohol concentrates or any of our flavouring oils or flavour drops to create a filling for chocolates, such as mint creams.

Montelimar Nougat are soft, pre-cut, nougat pieces, supplied in trays ready to enrobe or dip in chocolate. This high quality nougat has a deliciously sweet vanilla and honey flavour, perfectly offset by the nuttiness of almonds and pistachios. In a word, delicious!


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCM250ATintoretto Neutral White FillingBlock, White filling; neutral taste5kg block20£23.24
SCM251ATintoretto Milk FillingBlock; Brown filling; neutral taste5kg block23£23.55
SCM252ATintoretto Coconut FillingBlock; White filling; coconut flavour5kg block19£23.97
SCM253ATintoretto Mocha FillingBlock, Brown filling; coffee flavour5kg block16£29.47
Dulce de Leche
SCM315BDulce de Leche Mardel; BakestableSoft Milk Toffee Filling; Desserts & Baking875g jar55£6.80
SCM326Dulce de Leche 'Che'Soft Milk Toffee Filling1kg tub74£7.61
Cara Crakine™
SCM566ACacao Barry Cara CrakineToasted cereal balls in caramel milk choc5kg tub8£49.35
SCM567ACacao Barry Cara CrakineToasted cereal balls in caramel milk choc1kg tub1£10.93
SCM568Cacao Barry Cafe CrokineCoffee Flav with White Chocolate & Cocoa Nibs5kg tub9£46.97
SCM570Cacao Barry Cara NougatineMilky caramel taste with a hint of salt5kg tub4£58.32
SCM572Cacao Barry Cara NougatineMilky caramel taste with a hint of salt1kg tub10£12.46
Blanc Feuilletine
SCM650Blanc Feuilletine White Choc Crunchy Filling20% Crushed Wafer; 40% White Chocolate5kg tub8£48.31
Fondant Mass
SCM350White Refined Fondant Mass (83% sucrose)Moisture Content 12%; For fillings15kg tub38£23.43
SCM118DMontelimar Nougat; For Enrobing6g per piece (approx. 400 pieces)2.4kg box5£61.01
Other Masses
SCM313Nigay Caramel with Salted Butter78% Brix6kg tub48£44.94
SCM312Caramel Fill5kg tub81£26.35
SCM310ACreme Caramel Mass (Buttercream base)Viscous paste3kg tub26/04/18£42.01
SCM340Coconut Paste38% Coconut6.25kg tub26/04/18£89.35