ICE Chocolates

Callebaut’s iconic, bestselling recipes now come in ICE chocolate – perfect for fans of Italian gelato, ice cream, and of course, chocolate! 

Thanks to the high cocoa butter content, there’s no need to temper, simply melt and go! Dip your ice cream sticks, bars and cones to create an indulgent chocolate layer around your gelato that hardens to a satin-like shine and gives a satisfying crack when bitten into. ICE chocolate comes in milk, dark, white, and the latest addition, ruby chocolate, and can also be mixed into ice cream after churning to create a delicious stracciatella with lovely crunchy bits of your favourite chocolate. 

Made from 100% chocolate, ICE chocolate products are ideal for enrobing ice cream in a glossy, decadent shell that will draw customers to your business all summer long! 

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Callebaut ICE Chocolate; Milk

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 40.7%

SCC1610B (previously SCC610B)

In-stock: 34

£27.11 2.5kg


Callebaut ICE Chocolate; Dark

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 56.49%

SCC1612 (previously SCC612)

In-stock: 75

£25.58 2.5kg


Callebaut ICE White Chocolate

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 38.5%

SCC1614 (previously SCC614)

In-stock: 31

£27.73 2.5kg


Callebaut ICE Chocolate; Ruby

Minimum Cocoa Solids; 53.6%

SCC1616 (previously SCC616)

In-stock: 10

£33.73 2.5kg