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Hot Chocolate Powders

Callebaut Ground Chocolate For Drinks

Callebaut Ground Chocolates are supplied in a tin which contains a dosing spoon for ultimate convenience. Both ground chocolates are Kosher Dairy Certified. The dark chocolate makes a solid, full bodied and intense hot chocolate with a rich mouth feel. The white makes a lovely creamy white chocolate drink for the sweeter pallette. Both provide a rich and indulgent hot chocolate drink at affordable pricing.

Bensdorp Barista Single Origin Cocoa Powders

Bensdorp Barista Single Origin Cocoa Powders offer a unique chocolate drink experience for the consumer. These three origin varieties are the product of Bensdorp's long term local presence in their countries of origin. Each one is the pure essence of cocoa mass made with a single cocoa bean variety, harvested in one specific region. Part of the Barry Callebaut group, Bensdorp have been producing cocoa products for more than 170 years. They are committed to making cocoa powders with an unparalleled fineness, mouthfeel and colour intensity, all using production methods developed with sustainability, responsible labour practices and sound agricultural processes in mind. Add steamed milk to create a luxurious chocolate drink to taste, typically 150ml to 20g of product.

Peru - Containing hints of red wine and fruit combined with sour and bitter notes, Peruvian cocoa has a rich red colour and hails from the rising star of the cocoa producing world. A smooth and full-bodied flavour.

Tanzania - Giving fruity and aromatic citric notes, Tanzanian cocoa grown near the Kenyan border in the Usumbara hills is renowned for its fine flavour character. Its cocoa powder offers all the intensity and the mysterious darkness of Africa.

Ecuador - With a fine, earthy taste and impressions of cinnamon and tropical fruits, Ecuador cocoa comes from one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Vast Trinitario plantations produce beans with a characteristic fine flavour.


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Bensdorp Chocolate Powders
CNC360Barista Peru Hot Chocolate Powder750g bag128£5.52
CNC362Barista Tanzania Hot Chocolate Powder750g bag500£4.72
CNC364Barista Ecuador Hot Chocolate Powder750g bag106£4.20
CNC350Ground Dark Chocolate Powder1kg282£6.97
CNC351Ground White Chocolate Powder1kg122£7.95