What is gianduja?

Gianduja is a chocolate and hazelnut paste, invented in the Northern Italian city of Turin in the 19th Century. Delicious on its own or enrobed in chocolate, and perfect for flavouring ice cream and gelato, or aerated as a patisserie filling.

Gianduja is a versatile product, ideal for any chocolatier, baker or chef. Our ready-to-use, semi-solid, milk chocolate gianduja combines sugar, cocoa and no less than 25% hazelnuts, and our dark chocolate gianduja contains at least 30% hazelnuts, making them some of the highest quality gianduja products you can buy. 

If you’re looking for simple but effective point-of-sale products, you can’t go wrong with squares of gianduja enrobed in high grade chocolate

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Dark Chocolate Gianduja GIA-D2-144

30% Hazelnuts, 70% Dark Chocolate


(Callebaut Code: GIA-D2-144)   This gianduja is a ready-to-use mixture of dark chocolate and hazelnut paste. It ma...

In-stock: 7

£107.76 5kg block


Milk Chocolate Gianduja GIA-144

25% Hazelnuts, 75% Milk Chocolate


(Callebaut Code: GIA-144)   This gianduja is a ready-to-use mixture of milk chocolate and hazelnut paste. It makes...

In-stock: 30

£115.41 5kg block