Fruit and Cappuccino Crunches

Add a little texture and a whole lot of flavour to your chocolate bars, truffles, bark, and more with fruit crunches and cappuccino crunches. 

Available in three classic and popular flavours, strawberry fruit crunch, raspberry fruit crunch, and cappuccino crunch, our tasty flavoured crunches come from SOC Chef and Mona Lisa Studio. These delicious coffee and fruit inclusions are ideal for adding texture to chocolate bars and bark, sprinkling on desserts and pastries for a punch of flavour, or decorating cakes, cupcakes and hot chocolate drinks. We love the strawberry crunch on top of a ruby hot chocolate, or the cappuccino crunch on a Gianduja Mochaccino

Prefer a sweeter crunch? Our range of sugar crunches includes blackberry flavour and mocca. Not quite what you were looking for? Take a look at our crunchy fillings for more ideas, or try pailleté feuilletine (crushed wafer filling) for a crispy alternative. 

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Code Description In-stock Price Pack Size per KG/Unit Attributes
SCM431 Cappuccino Crunches
12 £29.45 200g £147.25/kg Vegetarians
SCM441 Strawberry Fruit Crunch
350g pack
Vegetarians Vegans
12 £26.19 350g pack £74.83/kg Vegetarians Vegans
SCM442 Raspberry Fruit Crunch
350g pack
Vegetarians Vegans
25 £63.89 350g pack £182.54/kg Vegetarians Vegans