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Freeze Dried Fruit and Powders

Freeze-dried fruits are nutritious, delicious and versatile, retaining many of their natural nutritional, flavour and colour characteristics from their fresh counterparts due to IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology which is used to carefully extract the water content from the fruit. 100% pure and light in weight, they make perfect inclusions for chocolate, cereal bars, confectionery, biscuits and bakery products. With their visual appeal, the low moisture content of freeze-dried fruits adds a freshness and ensures shelf-stability for your finished product.

Made by the same IQF method as freeze-dried fruits, fruit powders are ideal for a wide variety of applications, from dusting truffles and macarons to swirling into meringues, ice cream and smoothies. They can also be used to naturally flavour ganache, cakes and buttercream.


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Freeze Dried Fruit
SCF0311PFreeze Dried Whole Blackberries400g tub8£17.10
SCF0312PFreeze Dried Sliced Cranberries200g tub9£15.11
SCF0313PFreeze Dried Sliced Sour Cherry150g tub-£14.04
SCF0314PFreeze Dried Whole Raspberry200g tub38£13.06
SCF0315PFreeze Dried Diced Strawberry200g tub50£15.23
SCF0316PFreeze Dried Diced Apple400g tub5£22.91
SCF0317PFreeze Dried Whole Blueberries150g tub48£9.03
SCF0318PFreeze Dried Sliced Strawberry6mm200g tub17£14.90
SCF0319PFreeze Dried Raspberry Crumble400g tub66£21.43
SCF0320PFreeze Dried Blueberry Powder200g tub58£12.28
SCF0321PFreeze Dried Blackcurrant Powder300g tub32£11.23
SCF0322PFreeze Dried Raspberry Powder250g tub71£14.18
SCF0323PFreeze Dried Strawberry Powder300g tub28£15.75
Spray Dried Fruit Powders
SCF0446Mango Spray Dried Powder200g10£10.78
SCF0447Apple Spray Dried Powder200g4£10.78
SCF0449Blackcurrant Spray Dried Powder200g7£10.78
SCF0451Elderberry Spray Dried Powder200g5£11.55
SCF0452Orange Spray Dried Powder200g5£10.78
SCF0453Passion Fruit Spray Dried Powder200g8£10.78
SCF0454Peach Spray Dried Powder200g5£10.78
SCF0455Raspberry Spray Dried Powder200g5£14.43
SCF0456Strawberry Spray Dried Powder200g6£14.43
SCF0457Tangerine Spray Dried Powder200g3£10.78
SCF0458Yuzu Powder Spray Dried Powder50g5£23.08
SCF0459Matcha Green Tea Powder100g2£28.86