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Flavouring Oils

Many of our flavouring oils are pressed from the plant or fruit and then purified. This process cleans the oils visually and increases their purity of flavour while adding tartness. Each fruit or plant has been selected for its unique flavour characteristic.

Flavouring oils are natural products and offer excellent value for money, ease of use and have an extensive shelf life.

Dosage: 'To Taste', simply add a few drops of oil in chocolate, desserts, ganaches, marinades and sauces.



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Baking Aromas
SCF0715Panettone Top Note Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml1£9.99
SCF0707Cocoa Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml-£9.99
SCF0711Lemoncello Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml3£9.99
SCF0643Mandarin Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml4£14.99
SCF0645Pineapple Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml3£9.99
SCF0646Raspberry Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml13£12.99
SCF0647Sorrento Orange Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml18£9.99
SCF0648Strawberry Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml8£12.99
SCF0650Sicilian Lemon Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml19£9.99
SCF0651Florida Orange Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml5£9.99
SCF0652Lime Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml5£9.99
SCF0655Tangerine Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml9£9.99
SCF0658Blood Orange Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml6£9.99
SCF0709French Lavender Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml6£9.99
SCF0712Lemon Flower Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml1£9.99
Herbs and Spices
SCF0653Lemongrass Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml6£9.99
SCF0654Aniseed Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml6£9.99
SCF0656Bergamot Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml5£9.99
SCF0657Peppermint Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml17£9.99
SCF0660Ginger Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml8£9.99
SCF0706Cinnamon Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml3£9.99
SCF0714Mint Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml8£9.99
SCF0716Spearmint Flavour Oil (Natural)Dosage 0.10%30ml1£9.99