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Flavour Pastes

Kessko's fruit and flavour pastes combine unequalled flavour realism with excellent dosage economy and great convenience. They would normally be used at the rate of 20-30g per kg of product and are especially effective for flavouring cream-based masses, gateaux, chocolate centres and ice cream. All of Kessko's products can be supplied in larger containers where a significant quantity is required.

Buderim Ginger Creme is a very smooth paste, fantastic in a ginger ganache or ginger fudge or even in a ginger crème brûlée.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCF0340Flavour Paste - Irish Coffee(Flav Substances)Viscous paste; amber colour1kg bottle5£22.40
SCF0350Flavour Paste - Kirschwasser (Natural)Viscous paste; white/clear colour1kg bottle3£24.10
SCF0360Flavour Paste - Peppermint (Natural)Viscous paste; clear colour1kg bottle13£14.23
SCF0370Flavour Paste - Pistachio (with kernels) (FS)Viscous paste; dark green colour1kg bottle11£16.51
SCF0380Flavour Paste - Rum (Natural)Viscous paste; amber colour1kg bottle11£22.55
SCF0390Flavour Paste - Cinnamon (Natural)Viscous paste; red/dark brown colour1kg bottle3£14.09
SCF0400DFlavour Paste - Zabaione (Flavour Substances)Viscous paste; dark yellow colour1.2kg jarTo Order Only£25.20
SCF0512EFlavour Paste - Mocca 'Moccana' (Natural)Spreadable paste; black; strong coffee taste2.5kg tub1£61.66
SCF0515AFlavour Paste - Mocca 'Rio' (Flav Substances)Viscous paste;dark brown;coffee/caramel taste1kg bottle10£23.90
SCF0580Ginger CremeTub; Ginger 55%, Sugar 45%12kg tub1£112.24