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Fat-Soluble Pigment Colours

These colours are intended to be added directly into melted chocolate to colour it. They can also be used to create liquid colours for use in a spray gun by mixing the pre-coloured chocolate with cocoa butter (50:50 or 40:60) using a hand blender.

Many of our powder colours are now non-AZO in compliance with recent legislation (EC 1333/2008). To review the legislation and how it might affect you, see our Knowledge Bank article.

Please note that all non-AZO colours must be stored at below 12°c and that natural colours are often less vibrant than synthetic colours.


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Liquid Colours
SCR376Fat Soluble Liquid for Chocolate; Yellow90g jar24£12.35
SCR377BFat Soluble Liquid for Chocolate; Green90g jar18£17.19
SCR378Fat Soluble Liquid for Chocolate; Orange90g jar13£14.44
SCR379Fat Soluble Liquid for Chocolate; Red90g jar53£24.82
Powder Colours
SCR370Powder Colours; Green100g; Azo100g tub3£19.14
SCR371Powder Colours; White100g; Non Azo100g tub15/12/17£19.14
SCR372Powder Colours; Blue100g; Non Azo100g tub5£19.14
SCR373Powder Colours; Yellow100g; Azo100g tub3£19.14
SCR374Powder Colours; Red100g; Azo100g tub5£19.14
SCR375Powder Colours; Orange100g; Azo100g tub10£19.14
Shimmer Colours
SCR440Shimmer Pearl Powder; Red25g; Non Azo25g tub6£18.80
SCR441Shimmer Pearl Powder; Blue25g; Non Azo25g tub4£18.80
SCR442Shimmer Pearl Powder; Green25g; Non Azo25g tub19/12/17£18.80
SCR443Shimmer Pearl Powder; Gold25g; Non Azo25g tub2£18.80
Creative Colour Powder
SCR461Creative Powder; Gold25g; Non Azo25g tub15/12/17£19.01
SCR462Creative Powder; Copper25g; Non Azo25g tub15/12/17£19.01
SCR463Creative Powder; Bronze25g; Non Azo25g tub29£19.01
SCR464Creative Powder; Scarlet25g; Non Azo25g tub30£19.01
SCR465Creative Powder; Silver25g; Non Azo25g tub3£19.01
Creative Sprays
SCR600Creative Spray; Gold150ml; Non Azo150ml can60£23.45
SCR601Creative Spray; Copper150ml; Non Azo150ml can29£23.45
SCR602Creative Spray; Bronze150ml; Non Azo150ml can5£23.45
SCR603Creative Spray; Scarlet150ml; Non Azo150ml can1£23.45
SCR604Creative Spray; Silver150ml; Non Azo150ml can50£23.45
SCR605Creative Spray; Pink400ml; Azo400ml can4£26.95
SCR606Creative Spray; Green400ml;Azo400ml can2£26.95
SCR607Creative Spray; Blue400ml; Non Azo400ml can7£26.95
SCR608Creative Spray; Black400ml; Non Azo400ml can-£26.95