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E-Number Free

Following the recent trend towards AZO-free colours, we can now offer you an extensive selection of transfer sheets coloured with ingredients that do not contain E-numbers.

Take a look at our selection - trendy designs made of 100% cocoa powder!

Please note that the pictures only show how the designs will look on the colour of chocolate they have been printed onto in the example shown below and will look different when printed onto another colour chocolate.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SDS406Transfer Sheets; Atlantic 1 colour300x400mm; Brown; Non-AZO; E-number FreeBag of 307£28.35
SDS628Transfer Sheets; Aztec Flowers (Ketaki) 1col300x400mm; Red; 'E Number Free' & Non-AZOBag of 308£28.35
SDS628PTransfer Sheets; Aztec Flowers (Ketaki) 1col300x400mm; Red; 'E Number Free' & Non-AZOBag of 52£6.18
SDS629Transfer Sheets; Cocoa Pod (Hector 2)300x400mm; Black; 'E Number Free' & Non-AZOBag of 301£28.35
SDS634Transfer Sheets; Musical Notes (Mozart 5)1col300x400mm; Brown; 'E Number Free' & Non-AZOBag of 3010£28.35
SDS658Transfer Sheets;Charlton(Sunglasses) 2 colour300x400mm; Black/Brown E Number Free/Non-AZOBag of 301£37.23
SDS659Transfer Sheets; Otomi (Aztec Man) 1 colour300x400mm; Black; 'E Number Free' & Non-AZOBag of 305£25.38
SDS681Transfer Sheets; Baron (Moustaches) 2 colour300x400mm; Black/Brown; E Number Free/Non-AZOBag of 302£34.70